The Mangiarozzo | «We have no paid reviews». Others yes then…?!

by Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I congratulate Carlo Cambi for its success, that confirms what people want are sincere addresses, advice from friend. But here, In addition to the news that The Mangiarozzo is at the top of the rankings of IBS as best-selling Guide, I would like to analyse with you some data and words contained in the press release that I received today on the Exchange help.

Let's read it together (my comments in red).

The author calls it a antiguida because it gives reviews and is in fact a travelogue in the good and the beautiful of Italy, but for the list of books is rather a guide. Indeed it is the since it's by far the best-selling. What we speak? But of course de The Mangiarozzo now in its seventh edition written by Carlo Cambi with the precious collaboration of Petra Carsetti and Giulia Canuto and published by Newton and Compton. To certify the primacy of The Mangiarozzo (1008 euro pages 19,90 In addition 1300 restaurants, trattorie and osterie reviewed from Valle d'Aosta to Sicily) is the most important site selling books online: IBS (Internet Bookshop) the volume of Carlo Cambi to absolute secondoposto in travel guides and travel section ( = 1&DEP = 61) and by far in the first place overall among gastronomic guides whereas those emblazoned are Expressed in fourth place, Slow Food at 15th and Gambero Rosso even to 49th (worrying data for express and Shrimp? If this ranking is also reflected in sales in bookstores, probably yes…). "I'm glad – says Carlo Cambi – this rating. When I started doing The Mangiarozzo now eight years ago I had a book to serve as a bridge between the kitchen and who eats and doing a story that began in the kitchen of the territory, taverns and Inns of Italy where the chefs and cooks who make really food for nourishment and affection. The second reason that gives me satisfaction is that I wanted to create in Macerata, the city that adopted me despite I am toscano of birth, a small/large school of food & wine's tale and I must say that the success of the book that I share with Petra and Julia I corroborates this choice ". But there is another element of satisfaction with Carlo Cambi: is to be done, with the full support with the Publisher, a (anti)Guide whose advantages are all addressed to the reader. Not only for the fact that more than a thousand boards reviewed by Val d'Aosta to Sicily practice prices (drinks not included) that should be under the 45 euro, but because it offers real advantages to readers. Author's choice shared by Publisher in the Mangiarozzo there is no advertising, nor any review that involves the payment of anything from restaurants (i.e., Newton and transmissions, If you're saying that someone does pay reviews?!). There is a concrete benefit for readers. In addition the 40% clubs reviewed joined the author's proposal to apply a discount (varies from 5 al 20%) or offer a product (oil cookies, from wine to meats) readers who show up in restaurants with the Edition 2012 de The Mangiarozzo. It is a different way of doing a different book that offers a triple key: is a short story for Italy's truest medallions and good, It is useful for finding the right meal in the right place, is an essay on kitchen as cultural and anthropological value. Unchanged are the criteria of selections: the premises must be historical or be in historic buildings, must enjoy a kitchen of tradition and territory, must be a family, have to pay a lunch not more than 45 EUR per person (drinks not included). Unchanged is the mission that The Mangiarozzo you are given: to defend and promote traditional cuisine as it has always done in all these years.

A mission that the author of The Mangiarozzo Carlo Cambi carries out also on Bbc1. It became in fact the narrator of gastronomic excellences in the Bbc1 's flagship programme "The Cook's Test" conducted by Antonella Clerici. Every Tuesday, Carlo Cambi tells live seasonal products, the treasures of our country and of our boards, the foundations of our kitchen area. In short the themes that made de The Mangiarozzo the best seller of Italian cuisine.


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