Vino in cardboard bottle | The Director of Decanter: "People don't ask whether a wine is ecological»

by Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The form will always be the same, but the different substance: If the wine is also good in bottles of biodegradable cardboard, though, ask the innkeeper. The container, ensure from London the Greenbottle inventors, will not change and will scare the public. What about the content? If the wine arrives at the table with the usual taste you don't know yet, but it is legitimate to have some doubt.

Wine lovers are not very happy, as soon as you will have to get used to, first in England, and probably also in Italy to find the favourite drink in just 55 grams all eco-friendly that will reduce the costs of the current expedition.

The environmental impact to cost, transport and disposal, is of 10 percent less than those of glass bottle. The blow to the heart of the lovers of the nectar of Bacchus but seems assured. «In stores where we sell three times as much of the milk in plastic bottles», proud to Observer told Martin Myerscough, the entrepreneur who invented the bottle and paper that decided to market after discovering the problem caused by tons of plastic bottles are not recycled.

Adam Lechmere, Director of Decanter, a prestigious wine magazine, not sure who will succeed: "The appearance of a wine is incredibly important. People don't ask whether a wine is ecological. It's not like fruits or vegetables. Don't we ask ourselves about the environmental credentials of a wine like we do with a chicken». Therefore, If Mr right Decanter – as I believe – all marketing strategies that many today are riding talking about green wine, sustainable, produced with zero-impact methods, has no sense…


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