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by Sunday, November 13, 2011

Luigi Cremona and GG

A drop of Coco Chanel (Often it is better to remove that add»), a pinch of Giorgio Armani («Elegance is not getting noticed, but to remember») and a pinch of Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin ("Those who are ingozzano or that get drunk do not know neither drink nor eat»). Takes form from these ingredients culinary philosophy, It is also of life, one of the most beloved gastronomic critics in Italy, Luigi Cremona. A curriculum exterminated, impossible to follow everything in a few lines (but it deserves mention that from 1995 He is a consultant for catering and hotel management of information Touring Club of Italy and, in particular, for hotels and restaurants, While from 2006 is the curator, with Mario Busso, the Guide to good wines of Italy published by Touring Editore), Prize "Golden Pen" in 1997 and "Oscars of wine" as the best food and wine journalist in 2007, Cremona is a talent scout of fen and travels far and wide for Italy on the hunt for young talents to his competition "Best up-and-coming Chef of Italy": difficult that someone passed between the meshes of this competition does not become a known name of national culinary scene. So much so that, in front of or behind the cameras, for years also collaborated for the popular Bbc1 programme The Cook and test, from "extremely tolerant man», as he likes to call himself, does not point the finger even against Benedetta Parodi and his "cooked and Eaten": «Instinctively, The Painter I prefer a more sophisticated cuisine, but we must not demonize. It can happen at all to cook with a good frozen or cans, the important thing is knowing how to choose and especially try to use mostly fresh product». In Short, is it really true what he said Auguste Gusteau, the famous and eccentric French chef Mickey's Idol Remy in Ratatouille: «Anyone can cook».

Travel Guide, articles, blogs (, But even television: The test of the Cook, draws a filled emerging chefs hands you guys for your now-famous contest, So how did the production of night of the chef, three episodes aired last June and conducted by Alfonso Signorini in prime time on Channel 5. In Short, yours is an incubator of talent that are referenced by many other realities, but the kitchen on tv what do you think?

(Smiles) I think the good and the bad. If today there are so many guys who come in the kitchen is also for cooking on television and the idea that make the chef can be a good way to fame. I believe that the great growth of Italian cuisine and the chef side are due to tv, that gave off this professional space. Unfortunately, though, as in all things the more here too and now I think we got almost to exaggeration. I hope that we can find the right balance and especially that the cameras are also betting on professionalism that are in the room, because today there is almost no one who serves a dish at the table and maybe a little attention of the small screen could also revive a craft so important and valuable.

What are the latest trends in the kitchen?

Everything and more. Some fashions are there really, Some are ad hoc reporters with us because it's our business. Definitely, molecular cuisine not so much talking, in favor of the trend back to simplicity, in my opinion and in practice, It is not a comeback but the umpteenth confirmation: Since many customers seek little complicated dishes and more recognizable…

But then what is the kitchen that works more?

Difficult to answer. Fortunately, there are few rules in the kitchen and this is what fascinates me. The beauty of it is that every chef has his own style, the menus are different from those of the South, the same premises have very different environments from each other, without approval of sorts. If there were any precise charges to be followed, We will eat all the same things and God there scampi, but of course many wish there was a road to success by follow ... But unfortunately and fortunately there is. Though, certainly, the kitchen is done with common sense.

Gastronomic culture, in Italy, at what point is?

I am an optimist and, objectively speaking, I believe that things are going better and that there is a positive development: I find more and more cooks who cook well, increasingly widespread in the territory, and is increasing the clientele who understands eating. In Short, culinary culture in General is growing.

For some time it makes a lot of talk of wine without alcohol – that is already on the shelves of American supermarkets – for the problem of severe alcohol tests, for health reasons. Even in the kitchen is growing more and more attention to light and healthy dishes?

I am a person that is extremely tolerant, but I believe that wine is wine and until the call with this name should keep certain features. The beverage market is full of alcohol-free beverages and ... Rather, I think it's fair to promote a lower consumption of wine in favor of higher quality. In Short, drink less but better. Regarding the kitchen, I believe that on the one hand, the Cook should have fun in the kitchen with the preparations that more he likes, It is essential to respect towards his client: You cannot deal with menus that do not end more and overflowing dishes of calories, as is often the case in certain themed evenings or gala dinners to many. Also here, best little, but good.

The secret to a kitchen you will not forget?

I see so many young chefs who think they make a good impression with increasingly complicated dishes and ingredients: the dish that most remember, Instead, It is made with few ingredients but with a force and a unique personality. Certain, the recipes are the most difficult to do, but this is my advice for young chefs, that is also true for menus: better to do a few things done well, that long lists of imperfect food.

(my interview on at table-August 2011)

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    Hi francesca, we have attended to the emerging North 2012 Piedmont tajut san mauro you put a photo of the event?! Thank you very much you are cute to preato

    • Gourmet Geisha
      November 18, 2011

      Mauro please send it!

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    Thank you!!!!

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