Emerging Best Chef NORTH 2012: first day

by Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pumpkins and autumn colors on the main floor of the Certosa Cantù

Loyal Ambassador of Gourmet Geisha in my Oltrepò, just returned from Houston – and before essential Chamomile – I will tell you right away how was your first day of selections. I shoot for you even some photography.
See you tomorow!

Ahmed Abdelhalim

CASTEGGIO (PV), 12 November – At the beautiful eighteenth century local della Certosa Cantù today compared the first eight young candidates Award for best emerging Chef 2012, designed by Luigi Cremona with the staff of Witaly.

From noon to 7 p.m., a jury composed of journalists, experts and blogger of industry has tasted and rated the dishes created by chefs all under 30, rich in passion and talent. Each of them has experimented with two recipes, one of them strictly with pumpkin, seasonal vegetable much appreciated not only in the province of Pavia.

The original pumpkin ravioli di Luca Sacchi

Dedicated to Lombardy, the first session saw starring Andrea Bailey, Larkins, Andrea Mainardi and Luca Sacchi (find their portraits here), very clever and creative in the proper place. The excellent results of this first drums have sparked a lively debate among jurors: the chosen one for the final was Andrea Bailey, who has prepared a classic pumpkin ravioli – but to a certain extent, because the dough was actually pumpkin broth thickened – and a bean soup covered, with a savory anchovy ice cream and a typical local Smoked beer jelly, to simulate the presence of pork rinds.

The second selection took part in four Northwest chefs: the Piedmontese Davide Smell and Henry Zaher, then Enrico Facco the Valle d'Aosta and, only girl, the ligure Gaya Molino (here their tabs). She has tagged agree – This time quickly – the jury, with the proposal of the Pumpkin smoke (a lightly smoked cream, with the accompaniment of a crispy cake of chestnuts and beat of lard of Sassello) and the ultra classical stuffed mussels.

From left in the photo: Enrico Facco, Gaya Molino (in feast!) and Henry Zaher

The race continues Sunday 13, with the Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.; Monday, 14 the final, When among the four winners will be awarded the best young emerging chef of North Italy.


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