Behold the magnificent 7+7 of the committees for the revival of the trentino wine

by Friday, November 11, 2011

Here's the news from the site of the autonomous province of Trento. And here is the audio statement of Tiziano Mellarini: LISTEN. In later comments.


The “Wine plan”, the set of initiatives from fielding to revive the wine making thirty, formalised in the so-called “document of the wise” approved by the provincial government last August, enters phase two. This morning, the provincial government has welcomed, with a concentrated, the proposal of the Councillor to agriculture Tiziano Mellarini concerning the implementation of the plan. In the document adopted today provides for the establishment of two technical groups in support of trentino wine sector: the first will define criteria and actions to rebalance, through paths of higher quality, wine production and local grappa with a view to enhancing their territorial; the second is responsible for the coordination of joint promotion of Trentino wines on markets.


“What we intend to do – summarizes the assessor Mellarini – you make a new governance model in the industry, both in terms of production vitienologica that the promotion in conjunction with the Trentino tourist proposal”.
With regard to the first profile, the production, the starting point is the consideration that the wine is “an element that cannot be detached from the local identity”. Grape and land are intimately connected and for productions in Trentino is becoming increasingly important that they are able to differentiate themselves on the global market. However, unable to compete with growing areas that rely on large surfaces and lower production costs, it becomes necessary to focus on quality, privileging the vines and other varieties more than others express a strong link with the territory.
The second important aspect is that of promoting, for which – among other things – It is hoped a financial co-responsibility operators in actions to achieve. “It becomes urgently – the document approved by the Governing Council today – concentrate under a single Director communication and actions industry promotion”. Trentino spa Marketing, Chamber of Commerce and the Consortium will coordinate between their Wines “in order to increase the uniformity of the evaluations and the choices”. And strong must be also the engagement between wine and tourism.

This composition that will have two engineering teams.

Technical production group
Henry Paternoster della Fondazione e. Mach
Massimo Perini, President of Ondres, the Association of students of the Istituto Agrario di San Michele all'Adige
Andrea Faustini Cavit group – social wine cellars
Mauro group Mezzacorona Varner
Gianni Gasperi, wine consultant
Attilio Scienza, teacher and consultant in viticulture, According to Coordinator
Lorenzo Cc and Matteo Moser, manufacturer
Mario Chemolli, Director of the Office of agricultural production in the province, According to Secretary

Technical group promotion
A representative of Trentino spa Marketing Coordinator
Mauro Leveghi for the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano
Erman Bona, Director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini del Trentino
Small Fabio, agro-food marketing expert, Institute for protection of TrentoDoc
Christian Scrinzi, expert, the Group's Italian Wines winemaker
Matteo Mackie, expert, Professor of viticulture at the Cattolica di Piacenza
Giuseppe Bax, Director of territorial Promotion Office of the province, that place also Secretary

2 Responses
  • Curious and concerned
    November 12, 2011

    I see that instead of waiting booth
    they did two cages. And I do not think even
    applicable on the “divide and conquer” Why Caesar knew
    What did, While Caesar here continues to grope in the dark.
    How are they going 16 characters in payroll to impose new
    rules for wine growers and sharing the costs to
    We wanted “a” Monti also for us, supported by PAT, and not
    many hills atop which they perceived the horizon!

  • Cosimo
    November 13, 2011

    "What we want to do is make a new governance model in the industry, both in terms of production vitienologica that the promotion in conjunction with the Trentino tourist proposal”, State Councilor Mellarini. But it does not tell us what the governance model. We are the usual, It seems to me: the traffic jam of words that replace the reality.
    Anyway thanks geisha for giving the news in advance on all. Although it seems to me that the desire to discuss, with respect to the debate was unleashed in may, Feather both. Even by the winegrowers.

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