The future of Cantine Ferrari? A pole of beverage. Word of Gino Lunelli

by Thursday, November 10, 2011

From left, Lunelli and Gino Matteo Lunelli

After 53 years in Ferrari Wineries, of which thirty as CEO and others as President, for Gino Lunelli is really now to turn the page. «Work-says not without emotion – I was amused and given many satisfactions, but now I realized that I no longer have the motivation and enthusiasm of the past. For this reason it is good that you leave my place». And if she was not even forty-year-old Matteo Lunelli, He certainly did not come out of the scene, Although now he likes to repeat that my future is to make the old man who gave what gave». But who knows knows, Instead, the rest of the "warrior" will be short. Why Gino Lunelli, class 1939 but with a spirit and a charism from thirty, everyone has in mind except to stick with its hands or putting themselves in an armchair and indulge all day from his beloved wife Francesca. And maybe take a few pebble from shoe, because at his age if you can afford it.

With the change of Presidency between her and his nephew Matteo generational passing of Cantine Ferrari can mean complete. How to become a Ferrari inter 20 years?

I would like to become a pole of beverage, that has in its bid package from draught beer non-alcoholic beverage, then I see Ferrari is no longer a company but a conglomerate. For this I recommend to my grandchildren to make acquisitions, In addition to development: certain, This evolution will involve not only the investment of a lot of money, but also a lot of effort, a lot of effort and a good dose of risk. To achieve this goal, We run and run. Of the rest, do what already is there is easy, do new things you will mentally and physically much more, However really gives you many satisfactions.

And the world of trentino wine what he thinks, sincerely?

It took me for decades and now I don't want to make judgments. In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s I worked always at the forefront, I was one of the founders of the National Institute of Italian sparkling wine and, among a thousand strengths, also that of Trento Classic, now TrentoDoc. I tried in every way to make it clear that Trentino there is a specificity that is called, Note, Trentodoc, but I do not think that this has been transposed. It doesn't seem, In short, the Trentino has realized that its future is elitist, because we have difficult hills, high land costs, small plots: for this we can't do wholesale wines, but we have to focus on the higher segment of the market and the only way to do that is our classic method.

Some bubbles are, in General, synonymous with glamour, worldliness, wealth, but there are also large rossi elite exclusive retained, as the Brunello di Montalcino, the Tignanello, Masseto...

From us, though, some nice red Teroldego, Marzemino, or even a white as the Mueller-Thurgau, don't have a high-end return. In the world you would throw the Trentino as the small Champagne of Italy and instead we get overcome by the Franciacorta, which now goes around saying that she is the small Italian Champagne. It takes drastic choices.


Simple. First ask who wants to ask. The answer should be forty or fifty good affordability, good culture, who doesn't like things loud: This is the target that should be TrentoDoc. Sell, though, It is not easy, because our direct competitor is the Champagne, that is the biggest brand in the world such as strength and prestige, more than Coca Cola, Nike, Apple. Fight against this monster that has 300 years of history is not simple, However I think chi l'ha dura la vince. We should be able to "use" our territory, that gives us a huge nobility and a great credibility. Someone should be vigilant on this family of TrentoDoc, that becomes every day more and more large, to prevent someone face the cunning, because otherwise we all sputtaniamo.

But how do you fight against the Champagne and her crazy fame?

Well, certain, If we continue to do the festivals by country ... We should go from 007 and let him drink in one of his films rather than Bollinger, Trentodoc!

In this regard, I had written a series of articles on Corriere del Trentino, at the time of filming on Lake Garda in the James Bond film "Quantum of Solace", where even the Trentino had been involved for quite a few euros (with the result, however, of a presence in the film practically invisible). None, though, picked up the idea and even the expert advice of product placement that I had interviewed o. ..


Senta, because the Poste Italiane chose Berlucchi for their series "Made in Italy" and not Ferrari Wineries?

Because they have paid. We did we 15 or 20 years ago.

In Umbria are building a cellar that more than anything else is a work of art, intended to be visited from all over the world. And in Trento, you're not going to do anything like this for the territory?

It is true. In Umbria I'm making an extraordinary artwork, the only sculpture in the world in which we live and work, It is located in a region that I know of. I wanted to do it here, and instead it was Montefalco who we needed to build this structure. If only I had come to mind to convince Tomato and ...

Arnaldo Pomodoro, the sculptor. With your wine cellar signed his first and probably only building-sculpture.

Exact. Probably, for that alone will come to visit from all over the world. I didn't think the result was artwork maybe prettiest of tomatoes and in my opinion one of the best ever in the world: a sculpture in the shape of the carapace (the turtle's shell, ndr) by 38 meters for 28, with a ziggurat encased inside a spiral staircase, that will be used as a tasting room. Really, I'm not going down that this creation both in Umbria and in Trentino.

The will make another here ...

Wait for a moment, in Umbria we have spent a lot of money ...

There is something that annoys the trentini?

Gives me boredom that I say that I have luck and that does not speak of success ... Before the luck, in Ferrari there were sweat and, Thank goodness, success: This is not too bad. And then, do not count anything millions of euros that I leave tax to the province of Trento, the 200 employees, the 400 vine? Let stand and. .. My future now is to make the old man who gave what gave. And then there is my Foundation, I still have to think well: I absolutely see it as one thing self-celebratory, but as a reality that will help Africa and Brazil, maybe even Burma (where poverty and underdevelopment and total oppression, There are stubri, massacres, a crazy crime) to build villages and hospitals. No one will ever all the good that the Foundation will do and I, though, I great satisfaction. Certain, It would be easier to build something beautiful here in Trentino, but eventually I would find it saves many lives: here, In short, It would be a trinket, There is a need.

Maybe then it was seared by the experience of Monte Bondone and. ..

I was born Bondone, I love him, but now I feel out of place because it's not my Bondone than when I was a kid. We've dedicated time, money, fatigue. I still get home in Vason, but for the last ten years, After all the trouble with that famous project, do not go more, I prefer Madonna di Campiglio where a tourist: not as on Monte Bondone, I feel like my nest. Today I'm afraid that I'll be the rump to go on Bondone.

Tell us how it went with the project of Monte Bondone.

It was the beginning of the 1990s. Banala, Rossi, Delfvero, Marangoni, Rangoni and I decided to do a project of revitalization around the mount: the large professional affidammo and spent a lot of money. The backbone of the project was a large plant that started from the soprapasso beyond the bus station of Trento, where was scheduled the construction of 800 underground parking spaces, While above would be a great party lift that would have touched Sardagna, Vanezze and Vason. From the city, In short, He arrived in Vason in 18 minutes and Viotte would become the Kingdom of. There was not even passed to the antechamber of the brain to speculate on Bondone, our intention was to regalre the city and the municipality of Trento a project done by professionals. Instead, We were smooth, violated, told us they wanted to get their hands on Bondone, After being put on the city.

The relaunch of the mountain, though, was initiated in recent years. What do you think?

We should understand that the basis of all is that you have to become a Trent winter resort, from which we can go one day in Bondone, one day in Paganella, another day at Miola di Pinè to skate children ... Trent could well become as Innsbruck and Grenoble, but nothing. After 20 years by our studies, they spent tens of millions of euros for the relaunch of Bondone and the results which are? In my opinion, the results are just crazy for affossarlo expenses, rather than to improve it.

First he mentioned that he had been accused of having put the «hands on»?

Mah, know how people ... I have to laugh. Are legends, jokes, acrimony, chatter. If you give me the speculator, I take offense. I am an entrepreneur, then I create. I've never built anything, I always rearranged. My little estate are five hundred homes, three hundred years that I have rearranged and put back in operation. Therefore, I also feel that many meritorious buildings of the historic center are returned to their splendor beautifying the city, Thanks to me. AND, mind, to do this I never received contributions. Real estate activity is not my core business, It represents only a good investment, a good "Inn". Of the rest, others have the Inps, I have the case – thrown there sly, laughing -. My trade, though, is making beverages, wine, water, Grappe.

When we observe that trentini Lunelli see how a family of Realtors, Gino Lunelli it overshadows. More than disappointment, his deep regret. Casca by clouds, is surprised, almost caught on the break, so much so that, before taking seriously the thing, repeats several times that I am just kidding. Eventually becomes convinced that this is not so and starts talking. "It disturbs me a lot. In our life, my brothers and I have only worked to build Cellars Ferrari, that then became the most famous firm in Trentino Alto Adige. In the late 1950s we had already figured out the force of the origin, then immediately on our labels we put the inscription Trento. I picked up Ferrari that was nothing and no one. In 50 years the good Giulio Ferrari, from which we noted at the cellar, had arrived to make 10 thousand bottles per year, While already in 1958, When I started working with my father who was a great trader, the cellar had two workers and a enotacnico and we did about 40 thousand bottles. Then, in 1981 We reached one million pieces share, in ' 91 3 millions, in ' 99 4 millions, and in 2007 We passed the 5 millions of bottles, becoming the largest Winery in Italy spumantistica. We carry around the name TrentoDoc and Trentino in Italy and all over the world and then you feel give the real estate?».

Not only, As a matter of fact... The name is also that of the skinflint, or, at least, the thrifty.

It doesn't seem right to be and really don't know where this thing may be born. Certain, not one "bigdnf": are trentino and being savvy is typical of our mentality.

And by good trentino, the religious aspect is very important to you, so much so that he is the President of Christian entrepreneurs and managers Union (Ucid).

Our family is Christian Catholic. At some time in your life, with white hair, In addition, if you reach a certain degree of economic tranquility, It is natural to give a value to all of this, and its activities. But hear me say I'm immobiliraista because "son mez paron de Trent», offend me! To be honest, immobiliarmente I am the biggest grower of Trentino Alto Adige, with 110 hectares owned.

Some of these acres surround the Inn Margon, a Ravine, the Lunelli family starred restaurant where the kitchen for almost two years there is Alfio Ghezzi, that at the lunch-interview with Gino Lunelli had shoved a bunch of tasty treats from grangourmet, including an outstanding version of kidney. Hotel Margon is the first and only restaurant owned by the Lunelli family, but in their history, there is another experience, Although indirect.

The spaces where the bin was the restaurant Rome are his and, After several years of managing, Battista Polognolli was forced to find another location, — Villa Madruzzo. With the closure of Rome for trentini you missed an important meeting Center in old town, misses?

Do you think really that you have missed something? In my opinion no, Personally I think that with the management Polognolli the Roma had become a racing restaurant. The only one to leave a mark in that it was the local Scotty Bort. Of the rest, Villa Madruzzo it seem an important thing? I think it is the work of common Polognolli, unoriginal. From old trentino I don't feel of having removed anything to the city with the story of Rome.

Throughout this life of accomplishments, Although most envied rather than admired, is there anything that regrets failing to do?

Not a, but many. Like all, I have unfulfilled dreams, but I can't tell you.

And there is still some dream?

With the Foundation can do humanitarian stuff, cultural awareness, artistic works, etc. I, for example, I have a soft spot for the art. Villa Margon, for example, fixed was my until I was able to comperarla from Baron Salvadori. Now I have Tomato. I like the art, though I always this problem: my money is right that go into works of art or in restoration of same, with the poverty that is there around? My real dream is spreading microcredit, that is the only way of development for poor countries, one of the key factors. I no longer have the age and do not have the capacity to undertake this endeavor: I'll have to let me or acquistarmele, but this is my dream.

His wife what says about this humanitarian passion?

My wife followed me even though we vaishnav. In Africa you will encounter extraordinary characters, incredible, I wouldn't ever do what they do their. To me it sucks everything and I am a spoiled signorinello, but missionaries and sisters tell me simply: "You don't worry, do what you do: can you do business, you know make money? FAI quello, We will do the rest». In these people, there is an extraordinary wisdom.


In Trentino there is wisdom?

I moan in Trentino the fact that you do not love its traditions. We are destroying the old Trentino and no one has the feeling for noticing. We were so poor for too many centuries, that in recent 20 years we had a repulsion of the old and therefore also our ancient architecture we wanted to destroy modern construction nonsense. Rather than restore, hit everything and built with cement. In South Tyrol this is not success, Perhaps because their farm closed strongly defended their traditions.

If someone asks you to lend a hand to the Trentino as a consultant, She would reject?

Yes, because for these things it takes young people.

(my interview on TrentinoMese, October 2011)

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