Food and lingerie

by Monday, October 31, 2011

A new idea for the last Winter catalogue 2011 Yamamay: the combination of foods to lingerie for sensual, exciting and attractive. So, the chef Ilario Vinciguerra has created 10 recipes during the ten years of Yamamay: ten ways to interpret the various female characters. Delicious food and original combinations to make Yamamay brand cross more, because the sensuality comes not only from clothes and accessories but also tastes and flavours (and finally someone there is pointing to this pairing).

Yamamay besides chef Union Vinciguerra, It is entrusted to an expert on pen Edoardo Raspelli, who writes: "The noodles cooked in onions are surrounded by sails of culatello that wrap them, other tightly them; remember those rosy wings, the curtains on which wiggly Milou and Lisalla, chosen by Yamamay for their elegant sensuality. The baked shrimp mark with his tail from its stringy pasta kataifi; that nest of water and flour seems, almost, the Pitti Uomo closing, softly resting on the shoulders of the young girl a few pages back. Taken by the throat?! Triumph of the palate and views?! Happiness for the eyes and mouth?! The apotheosis, the combination, the symbiosis, is the hyper colorful cover, that gorgonzola soup and chocolate that Ilario Vinciguerra has created with great imagination, balanced sensitivity and good taste. The Prince of Italian cheeses, the pieces of that "blue", of that cheese born in our Plains, It collects in spoonfuls and enjoyed wonderful meeting and hugging between sweet and savory. The long thin thin bulots of colorful oranges, the Greens weaves (in pairs) of keep salad leaves, seem to double elastic supporting elegant thong. Edible flowers resemble bowls that supple caress breasts in adorable miniature. Among those flowers, among those petals, among those filaments of fruit, among those fragments of greenery, would you like to dip a finger, bring it to your mouth with jaunty gesture of implied sensuality ".

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