Chocolate heart cake and bubbles Rosé. Or the clichés about women

by Monday, October 24, 2011

As I read the letters, more I love stories on the Internet, the more I understand that It's hard to make a great erotic love that lasts. Much depends on whether females and males try to behave as if they were equal and, erotic terms, are diverse. The woman tends to establish a close relationship, to share the daily life. The man, even when he is in love, hesitate to give themselves totally, approaches and recedes. It's always the woman who intends to move in together but often he falters even when the want and suffers from jealousy. Until she makes him understand that only in this way will find the serenity and peace. Men, except when they're in love, they always suspected that eroticism hide daily repetition and monotony. Instead the woman knows that can be continually experience new and exciting. Two perspectives that arise from two different points of departure mental and physical. Man gets excited for, just show him the body nude. It is an excitement that quickly.

On the contrary the woman picks up only slowly. The man needs to talk to her, enjoy yourself, Let her dance, Woo her. Then the female erotic arousal is enriched with clothing, with the seductive underwear, followed by the kisses, the caresses (everything absurdly named foreplay) and that is the essence of loving dialogue male- female. The full nude, that is the first thought of man, is the last of the woman, It is the final act, the moment of surrender, where maybe keeps his eyes closed. And diversity continues after the sexual act. The woman, After having a total orgasm is happy and at peace. Want to be embraced to his beloved long, enjoy the touch of her skin, his breath. He Instead she gets, looking for a change, maximum restarts. They're lucky couples manage to transform their differences in a dance of ecstatic love that lasts for years and decades. Many do not believe even more that you can. Instead you can achieve total freedom to accept the mutual, telling all, saying only the truth, to our beloved asking what we want, revealing our emotions and its up to create a continuous vibration, where is reborn continually desire and his amazing accomplishment.

Francesco Alberoni

Beginning with this article by Alberoni to pin and travel from Rome – where I am for the jury of chefs emerging in Italy, that will take place this afternoon from 15 at 18 the Open column of the palazzo delle esposizioni in via Nazionale (I'll be waiting, If you can) – a few things on the way women of wine.

Alberoni above explains the difference of male and female eroticism and stresses the clichés can be harmful. Clichés that I keep hearing in the field of food and wine. Honestly I never happened – nor I ever heard women do that – speaking of dishes or recipes from men and wines or cocktails to men… We women think there are films from men (es. I demented film or the cinepanettone), men machines (a mercedes E-class is a man, a SLK is bisexual, a Ypsilon is actually female, because of its aesthetics), Hi-tech from men (We women we never want to fill the House of televisions 3D plasma 50 or more inches, would you like to arrive at men find the excuse to change the television even to your grandmother who can't see more, just to make the last offer of Mediaworld), but we don't think that there are foods and wines from men. While men think there are foods and wines from women… or maybe you feel safer to think. So yesterday, While I was engaged in organized by vertical supplì Marco Luigi Rizzo volcanic Brotti, I ran into yet another tale of a chef who confirmed the men's common belief women like the chocolate heart cake… But why?? Then sure, try going around and propose events in pink: You'll see what you propose as a perfect match… But obviously a Rosé…

And then you hear order men's coffee… And then you hear that “Okay I drink wine you women, but the wine list we let us watch men?!” … And now I'm going to Open a Column see if I find more pearls “by men” to tell you.

See you later



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