Truffle Tagliolini Pisa style

by Saturday, October 22, 2011

Since the tagliolini with truffles are one of those recipes so simple that it's hard to make it and all the recipes that I have given up now I never managed it very well, I'm really curious to try this with the Cognac that Lorenzo Giglioli sent me right tonight.

For this dish, you need, per person:

60 g of egg noodles ( my favorite brand is Caponi..artisanal pasta di Cascina-Pisa)

10g white truffle (io ..da Pisano ..uso quello di S.Miniato 😉 )

20 g of butter

a spoonful of fresh cream of excellent quality

10 g White cow Parmigiano Reggiano

Optional 1 tablespoon Cognac

For your enjoyment, proceed as….. Clean the truffle ground debris using damp toothbrush..divide the butter into two equal parts: a cold storage, the other mix with a few grams of finely grated truffles (the rest will be sliced thinly at the end). Store in a cool place (This is preferable to make it in advance to allow the butter, fat mass, to absorb all the aroma of truffles).

Drop the dough into boiling salted water slightly less than usual (5 g per liter of water), Meanwhile, in a pan melt to a minimum of truffle butter fire and stir with the spoon of cream and grated Parmesan…getting some sort of express fondue. If you prefer to add the Cognac alcohol-free (easily workable procedure by placing it in a small frying pan and tilting it to give off. ..through the flame alcohol contained therein). Turn off the heat and drain the pasta a minute before the end of your cooking, mix the topping and used fire and jumping to create proper if it dries with a little’ cooking water, Add a bit of butter and kept cold nature. This will facilitate the emulsion and increase the creaminess (must be procured a fluid consistency, not too dense).

Using a ladle (for us pisani is the coppino) and a pair of pliers into the nursery at the Centre of the plate with a spoon collecting the toppings left in the Pan and pour it on the dough. Conclude thinly slicing the leaf on the truffle pasta nest with slices-truffles.

Bon appétit your Cookin’ Killer…. alias.the Devil's temptation…

Chef Lorenzo Giglioli

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  • Mindthelab
    October 12, 2014

    Tonight I tried this delicious recipe. I agree that it is not easy to prepare a dish apparently so simple,though I have to say that this recipe is close to perfection! Unfortunately I did not find the white cow parmigiano and I did not use the cognac, but all have licked their chops!!! I chose the dry pasta, because according to me, pulling the sauce, becomes more flavorful. Congratulations and thanks!

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