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by Friday, October 21, 2011
lo chef Herbert Hintner

Chef Herbert Hintner

doctor GOURMET

Located on the ground floor of an ancient Palazzo of 1200, location of the former Court, in the historic centre of the charming village of spotless San Michele Appiano. Here nestled between beautiful hills and stretches of the screws Restaurant Zur Rose, a sweet break along the famous and picturesque Strada del Vino in the vicinity of the famous Lake Kaltern, a few kilometres from Bolzano. The place is not’ beautiful, ne’ ancient, Despite its location in the historic building where it resides. and even modern. The service is good and, to make the difference, We think the cuisine of Chef Herbert Hintner There's a superlative deliziera.

His seasonal menu are prepared specially for guests choosing strictly between vegetables, seasonal meat and fruit with one that offers his land, o Heimat (Home), South Tyrol. To accompany them wines from the well-stocked wine cellar for which there’ spoilt for choice in a myriad of labels is strictly the South alongside national and international also.

I followed the theme of the autumn menu by choosing the following items:

Creek Brook trout appetizer on a kind of Rape with Horseradish cream. really delicious !!!
By spraying the palate with excellent Sauvignon of local producers

First course artichoke soup with tortellini with tomato sauce and ricotta… delicate.

Second course Shin of veal in tuna co amalgam ratatouille and mashed celery and turnip. Simply perfect.
I accompanied this dish with a very select Blau Burgunder for meditation of the award-winning and well-known cellar Hofstetter Kaltern

Dulcis in fundo…
Dessert sweet semolina dumplings with elder-scented pears. Truly nauseating.

Stinco di Vitello in amalgama Tonnata con Ratatouille e pure' di Sedano e Rapa

Amalgam veal shank tuna with ratatouille and pure' of celery and turnip

Restaurant Zur Rose
Via Josef Innerhofer 2 –
39057 San Michele ·
Appiano (BZ)
T +39 0471 662249

Opening hours
12.00 – 14.00 / 19.00 – 21.30
Day of rest: Sunday and Monday afternoon

3 Responses
  • Daniele
    December 12, 2011

    Dessert sweet semolina dumplings with elder-scented pears. Truly nauseating….. NAUSEATING ???
    SignChe fills beyond satiety; by extension, nauseating
    from the ancient Longobards: [stuhi] plaster, from which [stucco]. The meaning of weatherstripping with stucco of the verb [PuTTY] He figuratively acquired the meaning above.
    So do you really think ? I always eat more by Herbert who willingly…
    Hello and congratulations for your site !

  • Gourmet Geisha
    December 12, 2011

    Hi Daniele, also I always eat well by Herbert. But this review has written Dr. Gourmet, Not me, so let's see what answers he!

    February 7, 2012

    Online vocabulary


    stucchévole update. [der. by stuccare2]. –

    1. That grouted, that immediately gives fullness and nausea: a sauce a little s.; a sweet nauseating.

    2. In the fig., coming soon to boredom, that produces discomfort and tiredness: speeches s.; the movie boring and s.; It acts with s. affectation; I'm tired of giving unsolicited advice, There's nothing more nauseating (Alberto Arbasino); also with reference to person: had become even s. the urge to make early and to go (Rovani). ◆ Avv. stucchevolménte, so nauseating: a tediously sweet cake; a tediously sentimental film.

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