And now here come the restaurants “pop-ups” (the temporary restaurant)

by Wednesday, October 19, 2011
north wall elevation

pop up restaurant

I have to say that I think about it and we think back to the idea of guerrilla restaurant, or secret restaurants, in private homes, whose address is passed from hand to hand, in silence, and he knows so much about the secret sect of gourmets. To open them are chef but also ordinary people, passionate kitchen. Sooner or later I'll do it myself… But today I read this news that I find absolutely in step with the times as well as a lot of fun and, Maybe, Smart.

The chef New Yorker John Fraser last January it openedWhat Happen When, a short-term restaurant installed in a shop New York alongside Petrosino Square, in Soho, closed at the end of June in advance a few months compared to the expected time (autumn) for alcohol licensing issues. Fraser, best known for its restaurant Dovetail the Upper East Side, He regarded this as an experimental model, an opportunity to take the Michelin stars off for a while’ and create without constraints. I read on that in a few months when the restaurant was opened to the public the chef has maintained a high level of experimentation by keeping costs low. Opened a short-term mortgage far below the market rate and, instead of going in search of luxury investors, He used the web site to collect funds Kickstarter to raise the initial capital through small contributions.

Not only. Every month Fraser and the Interior architect Elle Kunnos de Voss created a “movement”: a menu to price fixed and a’setting connected to a particular landscape sonoro. In six months they have created four and a half thematic transformations, with a budget they.

I'm from NYC news about how this restaurant was and if he had depopulated… The idea, Anyway, I think it is really worth trying to experiment in Italy. You who say?


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