Vittorio Sgarbi wins the spiciest of Italy

by Tuesday, October 18, 2011
peperoncino d'italia 2011

Chili of Italy 2011 - Camaiore (LU)

The contest “Chili of Italy” comes from a bright idea to Cino Tortorella, the beloved magician Topo and founder of the magazine Flavors of Italy. For years the magazine, along with’Accademia del Peperoncino, index a referendum among its readers to proclaim the spicy character of the year.
The strong character, the temperament and strong personality that distinguish Vittorio Sgarbi, the most famous art critic and tumultuous of Italy, allowed him to be proclaimed “Chili of Italy 2011“.

The award ceremony took place in piazza san Bernardino di Camaiore (LU), in the context of Party PIC. A couple of days where the flaming red, nero, Yellow, Green and all the other gradations of chilis have been the event companions spicy, talk shows and races between brave eaters.

As tradition, the Prize consists in the consideration of the weight of the winner. Vittorio Sgarbi It is seen not to assign medals, cups, or birds but, According to tradition, Aga Khan, the tasty products of gourmet cuisine tradition calabrese. Oil, wines, cheese, sweets… accompanied of course by so much, so much, Chili offered by the Consortium “The Chili” Diamond's.


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