Gone with the wine. Eight Americans in Trentino Alto Adige (and Veneto)

by Sunday, October 9, 2011
Le 7 ospiti americane assieme a Francesca negri

Icaro at Villa Margon with Nicoletta Negri (dx)

Too long to tell you how it happened that I found myself first to paint everything the route and then to accompany a group of eight, beautiful American girls throughout the Trentino-South Tyrol and a piece of Veneto.

A project born from the creativity and passion towards the territory of my friend Laura Zandi (Film Commission in Trentino) and Carol Fabi, the American from long years of experience and curriculum with ICE: the two are then thought to myself as the best person to be in uncovering a new piece of Italy for wine tourism and food lover in the States. And immediately was also involved the’APT Trento, Bondone, Valle dei Laghi, that pulled the organizational ranks with a major media tour.

The experience was extraordinary: Despite our guests are all top level manager, great wine and food lovers, grappas of high quality products and already attended to other regions of Italy where the food and wine tourism is more rooted as Tuscany, in Trentino Alto Adige have found a land to be discovered that made them gape.

From the Valle dei Laghi to Beseno Castle, from Mart to the historic centre of Trento, from the Abbey of Novacella to Valpolicella and Lake Garda, in eight days the eight ladies were able to taste some of the best of local food, wine and culture of this area. Enthusiastic about everything, to hurt people more were: the TrentoDoc, the Grand Masetto di Endrizzi, the Vino Santo, Hofstaetter's wines, the Retiko of Grigoletti, Walter Miori's kitchen during cooking class, Andrea Paternoster APIs, and then the tomatoes in my garden and tortel de potatoes which one evening I cooked for them.

Wine shopping, typical products, copper pots handmade (by Navarini), of cookware for polenta, a little’ (but very little) shopping for clothes and accessories made in Italy have peppered the days spent with great interest to discover all the secrets of local production: from amphora wines Foradori to hives of Mieli Thun, by arele of Masi and Vino Santo to tricks in the kitchen dispensed by chef cooking class (six lessons conducted by Miori and Babu at Palazzo Roccabruna), up to discover that the Zirele also existed in the… The mother of one of the travelers, In fact, preparava per lei delle caramelle molto simili e lei non era più riuscita a trovarle da acquistare o recuperarne la ricetta… Said, fatto 😉 .

Per tutto il viaggio, then, siamo state accompagnate da Barbara Grover, eccellente fotografa che si occuperà del reportage di questo tour e della realizzazione di un video. In attesa delle sue foto, potete vederne di artigianali sulla mia pagina di facebook.

Ieri le ragazze sono partite, armate di tutte le intenzioni di tornare in USA e andare a cercare di scovare i vini trentini, magari stimolandone l’ulteriore importazione. And to me it only remains to thank all them and Carol Fabi for the experience that I will carry with me always and for a new treasure: new girlfriends (much to Sex and the wine, But even beyond!) that will enrich every day.


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