Rediscover ancient walls in the frame of a new restaurant

by Saturday, October 8, 2011
Ristorante Pesce Rosso - Firenze

Red fish restaurant - Piazza della Repubblica

Florence rediscover hidden Splendors: a hidden city that intertwines between the walls of the new Florence, overturning the perspective of observation of Piazza della Repubblica.

The Palace of the Catellini, built in 14th century and linked to the history of one of Florence's oldest families, the Catellini of Castiglione, He lost his ' domain’ on the Piazza della Repubblica in the wake of the zoning changes Florence Republic period. The new reorganization put him on the back’ of new square and, in the time of war, its walls were hidden by other more recent.

Thanks to renovations, they've flipped back stance, the original of the piazza I have re-emergence almost intact. Preserved precisely by casting process, the old have been found door, that gave direct access to today's Piazza della Repubblica, and the 13th-century façade by palazzo Da Castiglione underlying the current structure.

It is here that today we can discover a new restaurant, the Goldfish, the dining room walls are enriched by this historic recovery.
A young restaurant co-worker, in ownership and management, the historic Caffè letterario The Giubbe Rosse, offering a careful menu with seafood cuisine and Tuscan sea.

Goldfish Restaurant
Piazza della Repubblica 11-12R
50123 Florence
Tel +39 055 2776364


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