From coffee to beer: the tiramisu is the look

by Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birramisù - renew the tradition of the Italian confectionery

I haven't tried, but it just seemed so pretty as a recipe that I couldn't not modern Smartphone game.
The inventor is Padgham that, with curiosity and creativity, gave birth to Birramisù: Yes, just so, beer instead of coffee or almost…

175 g egg yolk ( 51% sugar)
340 g caster sugar
100 g coffee or beer with chocolate/water ( 30% sugar)
1 vanilla bourbon
425 g cream
500 g mascarpone
250 g of sponge cake
400 g wet with beer
15 g bitter cocoa powder + 2/3 coffee beans crushed


For cream:
for beer lovers, do this step with it, otherwise opt for the water.
Once you've decided to put liquid in a saucepan, add sugar and stir until dissolved
Cook up to 121°, then pour the sugar cooked to this temperature on egg yolks that are already mounting with vanilla
Mount up for cooling.
Mount now well-cooled cream with mascarpone ( be careful with this step because the fats of the mascarpone cream mount speed. Pass the right consistency the two compounds will split into small lumps ruining everything)

Merge the two compounds, put the cream in eggs and never the other way around ( you will avoid the formation of lumps) We take a small portion of the mixture and mascarpone cream and we'll put in our base and semifreddo, just this first operation, We shoot everything with a whisk until completely absorbed it will have two more compounds’ similar to before
take the spatula and 2/3 times place the cream into the semifreddo stirring from bottom towards each other and turning the Bowl.
Cover the mixture with plastic and refrigerate until you are ready to use.

For the sponge cake

Take the sponge and cut it in slices of 1 cm, then remove the edges and cut into squares.
Wet the handles with wet with beer ( use coffee flavoured beer or chocolate and do not add spices, his beer already contains distinctive flavors and aromas)
Don't overdo it with the wet so as not to ruin the consistency.

Sweet composition

For consistency, serve in a beer glass
Mettenre on the bottom the sponge followed by a layer of cream tiramisu’
Continue layering, choose make 2 or 3 layers and finish with cream.
Refrigerate at least 2/3 hours and just before serving ,
Sprinkle the surface with mixture of cocoa powder and coffee beans crushed.

Useful tips
AND’ a tiramisu’ suitable for all, also for children, because the eggs are not crude but cooked and pasteurized thanks to sugar that has added 121°.

The % In addition to egg yolks and water are used to facilitate the preparation of this pastry base compound. The % refer to sugar, so any dose prepares to remember that the yolks are the 51% the weight of the sugar and the water 30%.


To you the pleasure of unexpected merger between Alewife and confectionary tradition.


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