Even the summer has its own vegetable soup

by Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Minestrone estivo

Summer Minestrone

We are at the gates of winter even though, in this early October, summer doesn't seem to want to abandon . For this DD, today, serves a dish called wintry declined in the form, in the flavour and colours recall the warm season. The author is Lorenzo Giglioli, gagliardo Tuscan chef…

For 4 people:
4 medium-sized carrots
2 excellent Zucchini
2 Certaldo onions ( take advantage of ...It is now their season.for a short time, ...)
two fags
two celery sticks
vegetable broth

After carefully peeled, cut into small dices carrots, celery and fennel

Cut in half lengthwise, and then into thin slices, both onions and courgettes

Cook separately, with a little olive oil, in non-stick skillet carrots, Zucchini with medium heat leaving her in crispness

Soften the onion in two tablespoons of white wine vinegar

Help cooking with a ladle of vegetable broth

Collect the sugars, making cooking in the pan of broth to further season
clean every time with a piece of paper the pan to remove food debris that otherwise would go to burn later

Cooked all the vegetables listed, proceed with the velvety: little oil in skillet, add celery and fennel, to caramelize well then cover flush with stock

Continue for about twenty minutes until a smooth texture, blend, go to pass, or Chinese strainer, and adjust the density and flavor broth with smoked salt

Mix well the menestra adding chopped Basil

Serve at Center in a metal ring with vegetables, pour the Caprese salad around
grind a little salt over vegetables and sprinkle with a little olive oil
Garnish with a sprig of Basil

This soup revisited enjoying well with the velvety slightly warmer (not hot) and the tepid vegetables to pluck his fresh and fragrant effect.

Bon Appetit to you all, Gourmet palates.


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