Foodies opens in Trento. All dishes for true enogastrofanatici 3.0

by Saturday, October 1, 2011

Foodies, i.e. those that when choosing a location for your holiday they do starting from restaurants, dai prodotti tipici, out of cantine… Those who are more willing to abandoning a garment that a good dinner at restaurant… Those who do find a km product again and go hunting for emotions to the palate.

Foodies, the enogastroappassionati of the third Millennium. We now also have a guide, published by Gambero Rosso, Foodies- A thousand addresses where food is pleasure and passion.

So il Gambero Rosso is now on tour in six Italian places and I have had the opportunity to attend the evening thirty, held yesterday at Margon of ravine, in the company of artisans of taste Agraria Riva del GArda, Azienda agricola ARtini of Zuclo, F.lli Ballardini meat of Thyone, Shop thirty Trento, fruits and vegetables by Stefano Dematè di Trento, Meat Largher Salada di Cembra, Mieli Thun of Vigo di Ton, Pirmitivizia of Clearing, Golden trout Preore, Azienda agricola Ubervetus of Orvieto.

The menu of Alfio Ghezzi, with the products of Artisans of taste, It was really amazing. Here are the dishes… And if you missed the yesterday evening, no fear, most of these recipes are still on the menu at the Inn Margon.

Beat meat salada, autumn vegetables, Trentingrana crusts and bergamot and Apple emulsion

Potato dumplings, honey, cinnamon and Trentingrana stravecchio (delicate and truly sensational)

Char drowned at Ferrari Perl Rosè, carrots, passion fruit, almonds and tarragon

Amazing beef heart, Mountain potatoes and porcini mushrooms

Divine cinturello weaner orvietano, leeks, horseradish and ginger

Rhubarb ice cream, nuts, Belgian Endive, herbs and extra virgin olive oil "Olive 111". Interesting but maybe a little' too much acid


Missing from the photos the liver of trout, polenta with coffee, cauliflower, Flamingo and powdered butter and Sage, intriguing, tasty, exciting. So excited by curiosity to taste it I forgot to photograph the plate! 😉



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