Chef in the street. All recipes… And the winner!

by Monday, September 26, 2011

Four chef of Trento for new race: theme of the competition, In fact, they were neither the ingredients nor seasonality, but each race Cook was awarded a wine, that was supposed to create the recipe that best would have enhanced. A reversal of the parties, a game outside the box that has amused chef and spectators and which saw Federico Parolari of Osteria win the two swords of Trento. Critics Prize, Instead, Charles Baldessari, 27enne in force at the Scrigno del Duomo di Trento: his recipe hit the jury for processing, style, flavor. Not to be outdone, Anyway, the other two chefs in the race: Alfio Ghezzi of Margon got its own version of chicken really mind-boggling, but unfortunately it didn't fit perfectly with the wine abbianto (White Heretia Cantina sociale di Trento), While Joan Linard of Antica Trattoria Three Carnations brought a great classic: venison and chocolate, a good match with the delicious Pinot Noir Maso Cantanghel Idraulic tunnel, but to penalize you were cooking and service, with the food came to the judges just lukewarm.

The 4 recipes can be downloaded here:

Chef recipes on Strada2

Frederick was a Parolari opera dell'artista trentino Masto7, a splendid interpretation of the tree of life. And, of course, the approval of the jury and all present.

GG and Carlo Baldessari


GG with Roberta Stelzer of Maso Martis


The happy astonishment of Massimiliano Panel, Patron of two swords, for the victory of its chef, Federico Parolari


GG with Francesco Antoniolli President Road the Trento and Valsugana wine and organizer of chefs in the street


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