Chef in the street. The first two recipes chef in race

by Sunday, September 18, 2011



Federico Parolari of Osteria the two swords of Trento and Alfio Ghezzi of Margon of ravine signed, This weekend, two very interesting recipes.

Here's the complete recipes, If you also, like me, you will want to try to go between the home stove… But a recommendation: Don't be scared by the length of the procedure and ingredients list… il risultato merita l’impegno 😉 !

Chef recipes on Strada1


GG with Federico Parolari, Osteria Le two swords of Trento


The location surrounded by the crowd of Autumn Trentino

GG with Fabrizio of Cavit, While recounts a little' by Altemasi Grail 2003

GG with Alfio Ghezzi, Hotel Margon, According to chef in race, Sunday









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