Fashion in the kitchen. Some items that I liked

by Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mistwalker/Artoon Emotional Design is a project aimed at the differentiation of production design dedicated to the world of dining and living made with the finest glass in the world: the borosilicate glasses. This is the purest and neutral glass that there is, resistant to thermal shocks and, Unlike the Crystal, free of heavy metals. Few in Italy are able to work this type of glass that is used only for scientific purposes. Especially, It's hard to find many items made with this material.

See for example this reversible and ideal glass for spirits and hot beverages, It's called Tulip reversible glass:

And take a coffee in this Cup named after a while’ Chinese, Tazzezen, penso potrebbe mettermi esteticamente di buon umore 😉 :

The craziest is, however, this, and in fact it's called Genius, whisky glass and similar… Beautiful…

But the same company also makes many other products using different materials Corian and hi-tech, including I find interesting these two:

This is Despito and is a porcelain dish with gravy boat and salt shaker made especially for the skewers… I tried always, After seeing him in a restaurant in Italy and I had never been able to find such a thing… Here it is… I run to order…

This is Splash, set of three porcelain saucers to serve small appetizers and entrees. Interesting also as sauces or spices port details.

Then a new Riedel decanter. It's called theEscargot: the design is reminiscent of a snail in her house but the port wine bulging ...

In the continuous process of innovation that Riedel, the prestigious Austrian glassware that has made the history of wine service, forward port from well 11 generations, comes a small production revolution. Thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies, from August 2011, all decanter created by hand by master glassmakers of Kufstein is lead free glass of the highest quality and brilliance. This productive choice, without taking anything away from the functionality and elegance, It also adds the benefit of reducing the weight of each decanter by more than 18%.


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