Ladies'Only. Cipriani just for women.

by Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hotel Cipriani offers "Ladies only", the idea of an all-female residence that has already had success at Hotel Splendid & Splendid sea and Villa San Michele. The program is cute, We should deepen or try, but I would say that we are heading towards the right direction, no? Read here what they say:

Energetic women, carefree and independent who decide to travel with her friends are invited to have fun, shopping, relaxing and experiencing this amazing and unique experience "Pink" single version, Cipriani-style. The guests will enjoy five-star luxury treatments already on arrival at the Hotel Cipriani. In fact, the General Manager and PR ladies and will present the rich range of Venice of activity designed to fit their.

A sensory itinerary that will fully air conditioned rooms and guests through different experiential moments, created by women for women.

Sense Of Smell. Bagno di crema balinese per i capelli e gelsomino per il viso contro i radicali liberi, nel privato delle cabine accanto alla piscina per regalarsi un momento di completo relax.

Vista. Sentirsi una star del cinema durante una vacanza tutta al femminile lascerà un ricordo per tutta la vita. L’Hotel Cipriani offre la possibilità di visitare per tutta la città le più belle location che sono state set di film con una guida inglese per vivere una magia da star. Un giorno presso l’Hotel Cipriani per un ricordo eterno, il fotografo Juan dell’hotel immortalerà le ospiti con le loro amiche in uno degli spazi più emblematici della struttura.

Taste. A tour among Venetian bacari tasting a glass of wine or a spritz at sunset in one of the most famous and traditional bars in the heart of the city.

Then a private party for the ladies in the beautiful hotel terrace, with construction, music and buffet meant only for them.

Touch. Glass jewels are one of hundreds of facets of Venice, between preferred by women who want to wear a stylish accessory that is impossible to find anywhere else except in Venice.

Hearing. Nothing better to rediscover the harmony and balance that start the day with a lesson in Tai Chi in Casanova Garden.

Uniqueness. Women also means adventure. Saranno organizzate escursioni di un giorno in kayak per chi vuole scoprire i segreti dell’isola di Burano e dei suoi giardini che aprono le porte solo per gli ospiti dell’Hotel Cipriani. Emozioni anche in volo, con un viaggio sopra la città in idrovolante.


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