Formentera | After the night of chef Alfonso Signorini goes to school by Juan y Andrea

by Sunday, August 7, 2011

Illetes, Formentera. Juan y Andrea restaurant has made from this 1971 where the parents of the current owners, Juan y Andrea ", opened in the nature reserve of the Mediterranean's most beautiful island a simple marinara cuisine with local specialities, as the caldereta de langosta, a sort of lobster goulash (a rich sauce that flavors the tomato sauce which is "drowned" the lobster, cut into pieces, served hot even at Ferragosto). Forty years after, Juan y Andrea is in the hands of the two brothers, Andres and Jorge, and is one of the most high density vip world. And I'm not talking about Italian starlet that fill the covers of various weekly, making capture all summer just to Formentera and the beach at Juan y Andrea (or in that of the Riu La Mola in Es Cupinar, as Paolo Bonolis). I'm talking about star of every nation and every type of popularity: from Sylvester Stallone to Leonardo di Caprio, by Philip Stark to Tronchetti Provera, from Lippi to Cain, think of any one of the most famous that there are, at the cinema, on tv, in sports and music, in all likelihood you will find it by Juan y Andrea ( By the way, you know the three Palms Aldo's last advertising, John and James? Are those of Juan y Andrea).

So, yesterday afternoon arrived the national Alfonsino. Yes, just him, Signorini, by boxerino forest green dress and pancettina from pleasurable, accompanied by a plethora of friends, including some mhenzie men and women style and Ainett Stephens. A little Grebe in water, a ride on two motorised pedal to give a peek to the yacht moored off of Illetes and then a little bit of sunshine, between a picture and another that his fans asked, influences on the beach. He was the most photographed yesterday. Even more of the well-known Spanish presenter two umbrellas behind him.

Then, came also Valeria Marini, with assistants & co. A greet, chat: the sirenona came from the sea, but we held to clarify that you are staying in villa «». Then, all about eating lobsters by Juan y Andrea ... Allan perhaps wants to be inspired from formenterese for a new kitchen program?

Dear Director, If you want some other gourmet address in Formentera, Watch four more chairs down your. There is Gourmet ready to Geisha give you any suggestions. And if you want to, also some cool idea to talk about cooking a little glamour but clever.




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