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by Saturday, August 6, 2011

Here I am, as promised, to tell you the room that took the place of the Mediterranean, one of the most interesting restaurants of Formentera on the season 2010, suddenly that inexplicably (was always full and the food was really good) closed.

In its place is born Ronchi Francescino, specializing in gourmet pizzas and super buns that take inspiration from the famous proposals dei Tigli di Verona. The dough is made with organic flours and three I assure you that is really something of exceptional, especially on focaccia, that is a mix of lightness, smoothness and crunchiness rarely encountered.

In paper, then, between what you can choose? The pizzas, in red, range from Perfumes (tomato, Pantelleria capers, taggiasca olives, romsarino, with a burrata whole from above spalmarci) the tuna tataki with red onion, from that with the anchovies with various types of roast beaf Angus argentintino. But, as I was saying, the buns are those not to be missed. Really excellent San Daniele (with ham and cheese, soft cheese 24 months), good also the Joselito and I say excellent one with the Red prawns of Formentera.

There is also a proposal for starters, where you will find Serrano as sardines en saor, mussels and clams Marinera, the typical Island cod, or the equally typical mixed fry of calamari, shrimp and were believed (swordfish fried meatballs with flour and almonds), I ordered I, finding it good but not great.

A small paper list of catch of the day, I haven't had the chance to taste. Great little Italian pastry. Small how expensive the wine list. Francesca, torinese, and Francesco, bresciano, make a new proposal to Formentera, with their pizza and focaccia from gourmet, also thanks to the excellence of the raw materials used, hard to find such a high level that even in Italy.

And so, I just happened for the first time in my life to pay for a cake to Pata Negra ben 36 euro… For the San Daniele 26 euro, pizza Aroma 27 euro. I think incornicerò proof.


Formentera Mar Port La Savina


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