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by Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let's say that you are not perfect and that therefore the holidays to create a little’ problems in the aspect of nutrition. And then we see some advice in a cute Assolatte Handbook.

Before tackling a long journey in car It is best to take these simple rules of conduct:

– If we put you on the road in the morning make a good Italian breakfast, with milk and/or yogurt and bakery products, because it helps to deal with energy a day and avoid attention throughout the morning
– before you get behind the wheel in the late afternoon is better to make a small snack to avoid hypoglycaemic crisis, that might tarnish the reflections
– during the day do small meals with easily digestible foods
drink often in order to avoid dehydration, preferring water, fruit juices and milk
– give up alcohol, the fried foods and foods rich in sugar.

Who chose an exotic destination and reaches plane should remember to:
– eat a healthy meal and light before leaving. A salad with cubes of cheese or a fruit salad with yoghurt are ideal
adapt immediately to the country of destination and do read dinners: help to minimize the effects of jet lag and to facilitate the rest
– resist the temptation to eat unpeeled fruits, raw foods(as meat, seafood and unpasteurized milk), homemade dairy products and drink beverages with ice: avoid them is the best precaution not to contract traveler's diarrhea, as remember the Handbook for travelling safely made by the Ministry of tourism
consume every day of fermented milks probiotics carrying valuable action on intestinal flora, protecting from enteric bacteria and viruses, that can cause intestinal problems, and shorten the duration of symptoms in the case of traveler's diarrhea.


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