Matteo Lunelli new President of Ferrari to conquer world markets

by Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gino Lunelli, your GG and Matteo Lunelli

Make Ferrari the symbol of bien vivre art in the world. Tip all about Matteo Lunelli exports in his new capacity as President of Cantine Ferrari, picking up the baton of Gino Lunelli, at the helm of the company since 1958 and henceforth in the role of Honorary President, with the Faculty of speech, but with no official operating assignments.



CEO of the holding company Lunelli S.p.a., Spring warm and now President of Cantine Ferrari, Matteo Lunelli, only 37 years (but with a dizzying curriculum, graduate of Bocconi University, experience in investment bank Goldman Sachs in Zurich, New York and London) is at the helm of the family business: "For me it is a great honour and also a huge responsibility, because it's not easy being at the helm of a company 109 years of history, all marked by great achievements. They are serene and excited to pick up this challenge, It will be exciting: the company is solid, has values and a very strong culture, boasts extraordinary employees and managers and even the relationship between cousins is wonderful». The greeting extended to him by his predecessor, Gino Lunelli, It's all a program: «Uncle told me ' have fun ' and couldn't make me best wishes. He always worked with joy, passion and enthusiasm and I believe that for me will be the same thing».



With this exchange of the delivery generational change in Ferrari wineries started buttons in 2005. Gino, Mauro and Franco, the three brothers that have made Ferrari the first casa italiana nel metodo classico, have given way to young: Marcello, winemaker Franco's son, is Vice President and is responsible for the production; Camilla, Mauro's daughter, is Director of communications and external relations, While his brother Alexander is at the helm of the technical area and planning. All this was coded in "family pacts", «from the transcript of the values we believe in as family and company and also contain the principles that have made the success of Ferrari». A kind of "Constitution" that establishes various rules also: for example, the next generation that will enter into the company, to work in a Ferrari will have to have a degree, having done three years working with positive results outside the family business, speak at least two languages and have spent at least one year abroad. In addition, around 70 years of age all have an obligation to leave the operational and delegation within the group will never find spouses use Lunelli family, but only the direct descendants. In addition to confirm Guido Pianaroli as CEO of Ferrari, were also co-opted to the Board of Directors of the holding company Innocenzo Cipolletta and Lino Benassi, Presidents respectively of the University of Trento and Trentino Financial. "Their entry into the Board of Directors of the cellar is mainly due to the desire to have visions of great depth but outside the family. Chalmers and Benassi, together the study Ambrosetti, are also part of the Nomination Committee and the remuneration, instructed to propose compensation, career steps, acquisition of proxies, also on merit '.



"I and the third generation of the family," explains Matteo Lunelli – We have the ambition to be able to renew and to bring innovations within the company, But while respecting tradition and strong values that should not change, primarily the pursuit of quality and the link with the territory. The first objective is the export: If the second generation Mustang has become Italy's leading Ferrari, We propose to become Ferrari symbol of Italian art of living abroad». To do this the pawns to move are at least two: "We have already taken the resident manager in Usa and Germany and will take other countries. In addition, for the next two years, we have planned an advertising campaign by 1 million euros to Russia, United States, Germany and Japan». Filmed at the Hotel Danieli in Venice, the campaign has three images that aim to bring the image of Ferrari in the world, dressed in the best of italian style. "In recent months we have worked hard to build a" grammar "of the Ferrari brand more uniform and consistent», Adds the new President.



To address the global market the two imperatives are varieties of products and quantities. For this, explains Lunelli, "the acquisitions of other wineries and new brands will be another of the challenges. To grow you must do it, but it certainly won't be easy to find companies of our quality target, with recognized brands and strong. For now there is nothing to horizontal, but in the coming years will be a step to take, with the right opportunities». Ferrari more industry that winemakers? «Anything. We should keep the two souls: the vigneron and industrial robots, because the competitiveness requires a certain type, While the wine wants whatever you keep intact its charms crafts». For this, excellence and quality will be continually pursued Trentino wine cellar, for years engaged in an increasingly sustainable agriculture and integrated, "we are also asking all our suppliers. This is a major cultural shift for Trentino, made by us and by other local wineries, for the next few years».



In 2010 the Ferrari F.lli Lunelli turnover scored a +10%, reaching 54 million and a net profit of 6,9 millions, the 55% in addition to the 2009. The Lunelli group – ranging between viticulture, renewable energies, real estate, catering and yacht – invoiced instead about 300 million euros. And the 2011? «How Ferrari Wineries I expect to close with a +6% revenue-explains Lunelli – with double-digit growth abroad, where the market goes better and countries such as Russia and China have very high rates of economic, and a figure in Italy, where economic concerns of Italians are reflected also in consumption still». In the company covered by the grappa Segnana, that in 2010 they put a +11% of revenue (2,2 million euros) and Fabiano estate wines in Tuscany and of Castelbuono in Umbria, where next spring will be inaugurated the new facility created by Arnaldo Pomodoro.



Set the channel catering, the Lunelli signed in water 2010 He recorded a slight decrease in terms of turnover. «Respect to sector – comment – We went well and, Indeed, We have increased our market share. Now also for foreign putiamo spring warm, species on Germany, and we are evaluating the idea of door-to-door service, for individuals». Milan will be the first pilot cities in which to test the project, still all evaluative stage.



Over the next five years Ferrari will be also committed to a series of renovations, starting from the construction of a new office building, alongside the old, where you can embed all the organic and have more space for new hires. This will also allow to widen Ferrari Meetings, "we want to become the standard-bearer for TrentoDoc and Ferrari». Also new areas will be needed for storage, that are in discovery phase. The total investment by all these operations will be about 12 million euros. In ten years, Instead, in the hills above Villa Margon, will be ready the new vineyard, where will new fruits: all vocati, Obviously, the production of TrentoDoc.

(my article on the Corriere del Trentino today)



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