Good wines of Italy 2012

by Saturday, July 23, 2011

From 26 al 30 July 2011 held in Civitella del Tronto in the final of the Touring Italy ViniBuoni 2012, they will be looking for new “Crowns”, for the best wines of Italy.

It is now established tradition for years that the best wines, in the following year's Guide, to be tasted in FULL TRANSPARENCY, or in blind tasting with a chance for fans, producers or journalists are not part of the official tasting panel, You can watch live and taste the same wines (up to availability). The tastings of the labels selected for the finals will begin Tuesday 26 until Friday 29 July, in the charming village of Civitella del Tronto Abruzzo in the province of Teramo..
The most important moment will be Friday, 29, When to 17, nella sala “Consiliare del Comune”, will be given official notice of "crowns" in the presence of the institutions, of journalists, of curators and producers. Afterwards there will be the great tasting of the best wines from the vines of Italy.

The location this year is the incredible and picturesque fortress of Civitella, the largest in Europe, choice, In addition to its extraordinary beauty, for his historical-political significance, especially current this year mark the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy!
Following the proclamation of the unification of Italy (17 marzo 1861), Civitella, Bourbon village symbol of resistance to the new State “d Italy”, continued to resist the onslaught of the Piedmontese troops again for a few weeks!

The event will be followed by “Night of the crowns” where, oltre alla degustazione dei “vini coronati”, i migliori chef teramani daranno prova del loro talento in cucina in un menù speciale, il gala dinner avrà luogo all’interno della Fortezza in uno degli scorci più emozionanti: the ruins of the Palace of the Governor and will be the prerogative of a lucky few from persons and journalists.

The festivities will continue Saturday 30 luglio quando il borgo a ridosso della Fortezza sarà aperto al pubblico per offrire ancora la possibilità di assaggiare i vini finalisti assieme agli ottimi prodotti locali e alle preparazioni culinarie di noti chef del luogo.
L’evento è organizzato da Witaly con la collaborazione del Touring Editore, La Camera di Commercio di Teramo e il Comune di Civitella del Tronto.


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