Reflections of a GeishaGourmet on children in public places

by Sunday, July 10, 2011

The topic of my editorial in the August issue of the monthly TrentinoMese fulfills a precise request made by some readers, or mention the rudeness of children – or, Maybe, It would be better to speak of their parents – in public places.

Of examples that draw I think that each of us can boast several. To me, for example, It happened recently in a romantic tete a tete when, at the table next to mine, It accommodated a couple with a baby a few years. Shortly after, the child began to cry loudly and parents remained motionless for the duration of the meal, without doing anything for acquietarlo, like all the other diners had to suffer for one evening what probably they live every day. I could tell you about all those times that I found myself under the table someone's baby, crawl, liked to hide from mum, or those two or three sets of parents who go to the pizzeria and leave the children run and cackle around for the local. "Poor things, are children, MICA you can sit at the table for the entire dinner», justifying. These are the same parents who choose rooms equipped with children's play areas, because their princelings and their Princesses are accustomed to take a forkful of dumplings and then rolling on the ground, go eat another bite and still flee to do some somersault and so at every meal, every single day. At home and on the go.

To try to stem such attitudes there is also some restaurateur who has managed. The more histrionic idea I found in Bergamo, where the witty patron was equipped with portable dvd player included in the kids menu that, so, they're good at the table to look up their favorite cartoon. Shocking.

We want to mention the tiny Beach Angels? With moms yelling over their to say don't do that or this at two o'clock in the afternoon, that is, when you thought of enjoying a well-deserved nap in peace because children at that time, in your day, withdrew in the hotel room to sleep?

I, as many of my friends and peers do not, When we were taken to the restaurant or in any other public place we were forced by our parents to a penalty almost, dare I say, military: We had to eat politely, staying composed, trouble speak up, much less get up from the table except to go to the toilet. And this happened even at home. Because good manners and rules you learn before in your own four walls. If there were acting so, punishment and perhaps even tho a few slap, because leaving the respectability of the family. But now the education philosophy speaks only of permissiveness, Maybe because it's easier to do nothing than continuing to say no and try to harness the creativity in those primordial dear old canons and increasingly forgotten social. Especially to the detriment of the respect of others.

Let me then another consideration that will trigger the ire of many and many of you. Hit me, some time ago, an article in the Corriere della Sera They shouted and pointed out scandal of racism a hotelier thirty mountain that had invited a lady kindly intent to breastfeed her son in a crowded room for slipping into a more intimate area. The lady was outraged. And I also, but her. Because even in this case it is respect for others: breastfeeding a baby is a very sweet gesture, sweet, but not everyone please assist. There are those who have modesty, is there anyone who feels discomfort, and I think these people should be respected as much as the Lady above.

Finally, an appeal to dads and Moms with baby carriage or stroller: Remember that sometimes there's just you on the street or in the supermarket aisles and when you happen to move on wheels on our feet (Maybe ruining our shoes just bought), at least turn to apologise. Because, for all it's a rule: We're not the only ones to have children, and if we have them and others do not, that's why we're not allowed to burden others our own personal choice to have for those delicious baby home that we love so much (but every now and then we would also be able to disappear for a few hours).




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  • m-martini
    August 5, 2011

    Una settimana a Rabac attorniati da bambini che per carità di patria non dirò di che provenienza….come neanche ci fossero,qualche piccolo pianto,qualche urletto giocando ma nulla più.
    Ultimo giorno,ne arrivano tre con i rispettivi genitori e per carità di patria non dirò la provenienza….non ci si riusciva a parlare da due metri di distanza.Dopo avere fatto presente educatamente il problema ci è stato risposto che eravamo in una spiaggia pubblica….il mio moroso si è inviperito e ha risposto che il rispetto per gli altri si porta soprattutto in pubblico.
    Sono stanca di questa maleducazione imperante.

    • Gourmet Geisha
      September 6, 2011

      Just so. Sono queste le risposte che ti arrivano. Of the rest, se fossero persone a modo nemmeno si porrebbe il problema, right??

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