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by Saturday, July 9, 2011

by Dr. Gourmet

The Fifteenth bagni EGART, magical place situated on the right bank of the Adige river, in the hamlet of Toll Station Street 17 in the municipality of Partschins in Val Venosta ( South Tyrol ), gave a cue, 35 years ago, Chef Karl Palatine aka "ONKEL TAA" ( Uncle TAA ) also known as, "King of the snails" by aprìre this particular Museum Restaurant, where in addition to an extensive a la carte menu, to satisfy the tastes of all guests, You can taste dishes of prelibatissimi,(at least twenty) based on snails, as well as the delicious cakes, washed down with excellent wines and don't miss the excellent Cafe home, made with roasted figs, According to an ancient recipe Vinschgau.

The guest while eating can admire the Museum served personally in hidden all these years, Uncle TAA "where it goes in an infinite ' pieces, from the original finds concerning the Habsburgs , to his care love snails, the many pieces of the ancient past of the people of Tyrol,the Museum of porcelain dolls, or to an ancient Gothic kitchen.

This place is known since times when Emperor Franz Joseph with Sissi or Archduke Ferdinand frequented this place to get thermal baths, immersed in wooden tub, still preserved and where until recently does, While it was soaking guests, was served for lunch or dinner.

In fact, the water that flows from its source EGART is a curative mineral water of great value, so much so that the then Austro-Hungarian Empire was surveyed with the acronym that stands for K.u.K Kaiserlich und Koniglich (Imperial and Royal) prefix of all entities that were part of the Austro Hungarian public administration 1867- 1918.

I personally advise you to make a visit because it really is a unique throughout the whole.

Onkel Taa Restaurant

Via Stazione 17 – 39020 Tel (Partschins) (550m s.l.m.)
Tel: +39 0473 967342



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