A consortium of wine “becomes” territorial promotion agency

by Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The frog Bagus di San Sano, in Chianti, a monument in honor of two local specialities: wine and frogs

Definitely need to meditate, If you don't learn from, on the "odd couple" of Montepulciano: in the homeland of noble, the oldest Italian name, is an unprecedented alliance between the President of the Consortium and the young mayor, working in close partnership to promote an area unique in the world. Federico Carletti, President of the Consorzio del Nobile di Montepulciano, and Andrea Rossi, Mayor of Montepulciano, gave life to a real task force that deals with, strategically and operationally, to convey the image of Montepulciano and the noble. "You cannot separate the wine from the promotion of the territory where it is produced – explains Federico Carletti – This concept is now known, but here a real and daily application. We believe that – even more so after the abolition from 1 January 2011 of Apt, Territorial promotion agencies (their function is now within the competence of the Province) – consortiums can contribute, as important "terminals on the territory with respect to regional coordination, to convey the image of the own district, that means history in Montepulciano, art and culture. Since, with the new CMO wine, It is not for us to deal with more controls, We need to invest all our resources and energies on the valorisation of the designation».

Here the economic flywheel of the territory is the noble, able to move the 70% overall economy: about 1.200 workers in the industry, 60 million euros per year, the value of production, of more than 8 million bottles for the noble and 2,7 million for Red, with a 59% of product intended for export and the remaining 41% national market. But vino Nobile Montepulciano means, and vice versa: the combination of wine and territory is so narrow and inseparable which is difficult to tell where one begins and the other ends. Suffice it to say that there are more than 250,000 tourists arriving every year in Montepulciano, and among them the interest in wine is constantly increasing, recorded by both the increase in wine tastings and guided tours, both directly from the bottles sold in company (equal to 11% of the total). And new technologies are the main tourists booking tool: in 2010 the site of the Strada del Vino Nobile has recorded more than 100,000 hits.

The strong bond between the noble and the city can and must become a communion of intent between local actors. It is convinced Andrea Rossi, Mayor of Montepulciano: «I believe that wine and territory are player should act together, in a team game well orchestrated and aimed at a common goal: Let us know in Italy and in the world. Then it may happen that a turista come to Montepulciano for see the beautiful church of San Biagio, taste for the Noble and fall in love, or vice versa a eno-fan additions to take a tour of the cellars and tastings is conquered by the beauty of Renaissance Piazza Grande: What matters is the result».

To achieve this goal, however, is essential to make your system, from the strategic phase: from this perspective the Mayor participates in continuous form of the Noble Consortium Council; and the President of the Consortium plays a fundamental role in all stages of programmes of different activities. So the two bodies can, Since the proactive steps of each event, act synergistically. "It is important to understand – Andrea Rossi continues – that if the Consortium promotes an event that bears the name and image of Nobly around the world, from China to Brazil, the fallout in terms of image relates to the whole territory. For this reason we are next to the Consortium in every initiative, supporting and providing the technical and organizational staff, as in the Noble preview». To unify efforts by the Press Office of the municipality and the Consortium are made into a permanent task force: whenever we talk about an event promoted by the municipality – a Conference, an art exhibition, a concert – It automatically binds the noble, and vice versa whenever there is talk of promoting the wine joins to the territory. In the three major events organized in Montepulciano in the year, the art Yard (one of the most prestigious music festivals in Italy, hosting international artists), the Bruscello (traditional festival that has its roots in peasant history of Tuscany), and the Bravio delle Botti (passionate about race that takes place between the narrow streets of the city, able to draw thousands of tourists every year), the municipality and the Consortium operating as a single entity, with a protocol of action proven, to whom belong all local associations.

And were the producers of the Noble Consortium to have immediately understood the importance of a system for the good of the land and the community: dating 2007 the first experience of voluntary taxation, with which Member companies have decided, on its own initiative, to collect the funds to finance the "Pozzo dei Grifi e dei Leoni", a fine 16th-century work that adorns the monumental Piazza Grande. Given the success of the experiment, in 2009 It was decided to repeat it, aiming even higher: all the wineries participating in the Consortium have raised a total of 350mila euros, intended for restoration of the fortress of Montepulciano, extraordinary location considered the "parlor" of the city. This is the venue in which the Noble preview, presentation of new vintages, but also the place where all the guests are brought– journalists, Admins, illustrious personalities – that in the course of the year arrive to Montepulciano, in order to enjoy them the excellence of local labels.

The case history di Montepulciano shows then like wine, in some cases, It can be considered one of the main levers of a territory, able to bring benefits to the economy of the entire local community. A virtuous but works only if public and private dialogue constantly and make your system.



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