The ice-cream van becomes a boat and summer prices 2011 skyrocket

by Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's called "HMS Flake 99" and travels at a speed of 5 nodes along the Thames, the English Parliament's Big Ben. Was created to celebrate National Ice Cream Week "and is hosted by Dave Mounfield, a Brighton comedian: serves cones and ice-cream in a national tour that departs from the channels in London and will arrive in Venice next year.

The ice-cream industry has changed a lot: distribution in England 50 years ago was 20,000 camionicini like this, they ran through the streets, the parks, or stationed outside the Metro stations and schools. Today there are just 5,000 survivors. So to counteract the shortage of ice cream vans, an English writer commissioned Dave Mounfield to bring retail distribution in auge, with a presence in areas little jokes, starting, with the amphibious truck, by the waters of the River Thames.

But who knows how much it will cost this ice cream, given that in Italy a pan from kilo oscillates between 14 and the 24 euro: many, too many, If you think that in 2001 a cone cost from 1500 lire to 4000 livres, While in 2008 You sborsavano from 1,50 euro 3,50 euro: a rise in average 78,5%, that becomes the 92,8% for the Bowl. And even pans from kilo is no joke: in 2001 you spent 18,000 lire (9,29 euro), in 2008 14,50 euro (+56%), today 18 average about EUR… Exactly twice the 2001. Dear milk, Dear energy, Dear hiring are not definitely good motivation to pay as a pound of ham and good old dear (in all directions, not only emotional) ice cream.



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  • John
    November 2, 2013

    true that the ice cream cost, but the cost to produce it are still high. without calculating the fact that if it's raining always sells less.

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