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by Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The farmer work? According to the Trentino Uil Trade Union is a privilege from the fiscal point of view. An affirmation that, According to the cooperation 30 representing the 90% of production, It is reflected in everyday agricultural work.

Federcoop is an extensive analysis. Meanwhile, we must make a major premise: What value has the maintenance of mountain environment? What value to give the construction of mountain landscape in tourist key? What advantage has the presidio for the community and the protection of agricultural land?

After answering these questions, You can get a table and "reckon in your Pocket" peasants.

What "makes" a full grown? Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that in land ownership is very fragmented, approximately 1,5 hectares per capita. The yields per hectare are intended gross production costs, that generally exceed the 50%.

The Uil is about 30 thousand euro. One digit off from reality.

Apple sector sector, (budget data 2009-2010), the provincial average gross yield per hectare is 15.184 euro. The data to be averaged by areas 18.605 to 11.764 euro.

In the wine-growing sector, the provincial average yield per hectare (budget data 2009-2010) is 10.088 euro, with a minimum of 5.700 euros and a maximum of 19 thousand. Repeat: These yields are gross production costs.

In the face of these incomes and of benefit to the whole community thirty agricultural labour, It still makes sense to speak of tax privileges?

I have just one question, absolutely no controversy, only enquiry phase specifically intends. The peasants ' incomes are so low of Trentino, low as the Smurfs?



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