Bubbles on the skin

by Saturday, July 2, 2011

For a wine lover is not bad idea to dipping in a bath of bubbles. But if you swim in a tank filled with whole TrentoDoc isn't exactly cheap and, much less, enologicaly correct, Finally now there is an alternative. Thinking about it was Madame Annalisa Furlani, Faenza "imported" in Trentino for matrimonial purposes by urban soul stayle, very alla milanese. Once you have made that trip to Sass wasn't exactly like Via della Spiga, La ragazza di San Babila decided to roll up your sleeves and study. To become agricultural entrepreneur, that seems to be one of the latest trends tres chic for cosmogirl. Of the rest, Katherine's husband is Matthew Furlani, the owner of the homonymous wine cellar and Elphin and sparkling of the agriturismo Ponte Alto. Six hectares of vineyards distributed between the hills of Povo and the slopes of the Vigolana produced 10,000 bottles of spumante metodo classico, 1500 bottles of white wine and other 1500 Red, thousand of Teroldego Rosè. This year, then, will be born a new label: the Poho Red, produced with ancient Trentino grape varieties. But the big news is a wine cosmetics line created by Mrs. Furlani: new because it is the first in the world to be produced with Italian spumante metodo classico. In Short, cream and cream chocolates to wine there are many around, but it's not made with bubbles made in Italy.

Thanks to the presence on the territory by a company that produces Our cosmetics and various other national brands, Annalisa's dream was realized in September and is scheduled to launch massive Italian market of its two lines "sparkling drops on your skin", all totally natural, Hypoallergenic and limited edition. One is dedicated to spa and beauty centres and provides a route from face scrub, passes through a mask for face and body and ends with a deep hydration, all leveraging the beneficial effects of the spumante metodo classico, that to close in beauty treatment will be offered also in the glass, to restore even the spirit, In addition to the body. For the public, Instead, same products except the mask and for Christmas You probably also will be a super glamour with bottle of sparkling wine and face cream to Furlani bubbles. Manuela Arcuri it already goes crazy. If you're curious to try it, Click on www.cantinafurlani.it and you'll discover where to find it.



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