By dark circles and wrinkles in a chair with fat grafting and Biosclpturing

by Friday, July 1, 2011

Us GeisheGourmet often pull late, get ill from succulent dishes, heady wine goblets and chicchiere between chef, sommelier and friends. Then, the morning after, the alarm pointed to 7 but always gives the same result: dark circles. And there are no cream chocolates that take into, hard to make them go away. True or not? And then I thought to question his friend chiururgo PierPaolo Rovatti, to understand a little’ How to solve the situation. «Dark circles – explains – are formed because the skin under the eyes is very thin and hogzilla. Stress, Aging, mental and physical activity (or pleasurable culinary-wine-, ndr 😉 ), psychological stress may be one of the causes of the appearance of dark circles that, in the worst cases, may have the constitutional origin of vascular type that tends to increase with advancing age. In fact, starting from 45-50 years, is physiological meet the orbital fat reabsorption resulting in a sunken area of the eye: the result is a less lively and intense gaze, aged and tired».

Do? «Aesthetic medicine – Rovatti, an expert on fat grafting in Verona, Milan and Bolzano – has used various tools to combat the problem of dark circles that look aged and tired early in young people. The fines have failed to give satisfactory results as well as the lower blepharoplasty because were unable to increase the thickness of the sottopalpebrale area that would have reduced or eliminated the bluish coloration typical of dark circles. Today autologous fat transplantation (fat grafting) It is widely used for mini-invasive, safe and durable». For more, during the session for the correction of dark circles, You can also fill those volumes of the aging face, weight loss or simply Constitution have emptied. And in less than an hour you can have not only his gaze finally less tired but also a face rejuvenated, fresh and harmonious without resorting to the knife and using your own fat.

Capital cost, you say… Maybe less than you think: 1.200 euro, for an hour of surgery under local anesthesia and a few hours in day surgery.

Already I was, Rovatti told me about an absolute preview. Brace yourselves. It's called BIOSCULPTURING and it is not a traditional facelift (more invasive, with extensive scarring and greater risks and complications), but it is a technique for rejuvenation of the face that takes advantage of using more non-invasive methods in a single run. It is a methodology already famous in the United States, that has imported and modified Rovatti according to European taste to give the face great naturalness and harmony.

"Now men and women do not ask more lifting – PierPaolo tells me – more and more requests for rejuvenation of the face orient themselves towards aesthetic medicine and techniques of minimally invasive surgery. The idea of creating something new is born from the need to give practical solutions to my demanding patients, those who wanted to produce a young face without changing the physiognomy or appear unnatural after a traditional facelift. After I compared even with colleagues Plastic Surgery Center International by New York, I found the solution in putting together the remodeling of the volumes lost in the middle third of the face (cheeks), through the use of adipose tissue and stem cells, resurfacing techniques and made with the latest generation of non-ablative fractional Laser, at the level of the lower third of the face (jaw line). The approach is always customized, Depending on the needs and requests of the patient, and always in a single run».

The results are maintained for about 4-5 years Thanks to the use of stem cells derived from the patient's fat, added with growth factors, activate the rejuvenation process keeping in time. The treatment can be repeated over the years partially or completely.

BIOSCULPTURING brings together different techniques in order to obtain the best aesthetic result in respect of the harmony and facial volumes. The treatment lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and must be performed by a cosmetic surgeon in a surgical clinic, with local anesthesia or vagotomy.

The rejuvenation effect is already visible at the end of the treatment; mild swelling and bruising that usually resolve in a week may be present after the session but you can mask with makeup. Based on the recommended resurfacing techniques, may be a peeling or flaking skin type a redness that will restrain itself in about 7 days.

Within a week the face flushed from the age, from excessive dimagramenti or as a result of diseases can rediscover the fullness of a young and healthy. «Treatment is recommended by 35-40 years and up to 70. It should be also assessed based on biological age and the patient's skin rather than chronological age alone».

Is not suitable for faces with withered skin too and with a high degree of ageing, for which you still need traditional face-lifting.

BIOSCULPTURING has a much lower cost than traditional facelift, given its realization in surgical facilities of day surgery, with reduced surgical times and without anaesthetic costs. The total amount may vary from 2.500 at 6,000 euro, Depending on the techniques that should be used and which will be evaluated in advance by the surgeon during the visit.

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