Wine tourism: Italy at the top

by Thursday, June 30, 2011

The news comes from international journalism Observatory Nathan the wise: According to the international press the Italy is the top destination for world enotourism. From the research, promoted by Marchesi de ' Frescobaldi (250.000 articles tracked on 100 international media), It appears that the Italy is ranked first in the world with an index that summarizes the judgement expressed by the foreign press in a value of 45,15%, before France and United States, Country where the wine tourism is born. "The Oenotourism has the wind in their sails" headlines the French newspaper Le Point in a recent article, While Le Figaro admits "The Vineyard is the new paradise for tourists, the France is, though, behind Italy ", Winenews reports. Among the Italian regions, for the foreign press is Tuscany the frontrunner (65,30%), followed by Piedmont (62,80%) and Veneto (60,15%). First among the southern regions, Sicily, Fourth (57,40%). Friuli Venezia Giulia (53,20%) is in fifth place, close the top ten Sardinia (50,10%), Emilia Romagna (46,75%), Lombardy (42,60%), Trentino Alto Adige (40,35%) and brands (37,90%). But even among the citizens of Italy tourism flavours proves a winner once more: According to a survey by the Piepoli Institute on a sample of persons of high and middle income between 25 and 55 years, the 44% the Italians puts at the top of the list of their desires to discover new wines and food during their summer holidays, and only the 25% think about a visit to art cities. It says "summer research 2011, the elitist tourism and wine tourism ", that 85% of respondents would like to visit a wine estate to enjoy healthy food and quality accomodation (65%), wine (57%), visit the territory and villages (49%), observe the wine production (25%) and enjoy nature (25%).

And all agree: for the 95% of respondents the wines are a great driving force for the promotion of the territory. Pity that many public administrators and tourism promotion authorities still have not understood…



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