My fish of Esselunga

by Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear friends of GG, have you seen well in this picture above. My sea bass caught in the Mediterranean, bought the Esselunga Curno (BG) He still had the hook attached to the mouth, that close to the rigor mortis (also applies to fish? I have to ask Csi…) I was not allowed to remove it after cooking.

Over many years this is the first time that I understood and I could not take my “trophy”, not so much for a vague sense of necrophilia, but because I believe that definitely correct Esselunga witnesses in terms of fish and quality. On, Let's face, How many times that you said sea bream caught at I love there seemed that? To me every so often happened, in fish-like at the supermarket, around the world. But tonight, I'm certain, my beautiful fish from 1,6 kg is really been caught, and I cook so…

Striped Aubergine millefeuille, sea bream, cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce with raspberry vinaigrette



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