Consular GeishaWine for Clooney and Canalis fresh (At last) ex!

by Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I know, you are all desperate. Sad for this couple erupted there has never fully convinced. And not because we wanted to be in the place of one of the two, or maybe even Yes, but not only for this. If you're out to dinner, you haven't given a look at news on the internet during the day, If you're still on the beach to make the moonlit water balloon, then I tell you I: George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis are left. They did it with a joint press release, issued by London to the press around the world.

The announcement of the separation came with a press release issued by the actor's entourage in London, where is busy filming her new movie. “We're not together – write the two -. AND’ very difficult and very personal, for this we hope that our privacy is respected”.

The history between the two (50 years Clooney, 32 Elizabeth) lasted from summer 2009. The Canalis, former tissue for years Christian Vieri's girlfriend, It was also linked to Reginald and Director Gabriele Muccino. The one with Clooney, on whose alleged homosexuality in Hollywood you whispers from time (powered by Brad Pitt, brotherly friend of actor), It seemed a serious story, with lots of wedding items and transfer of Canalis in Los Angeles. Only a few weeks ago Elizabeth on tv had said to be “in a moment very happy”. Us, Instead, Since we had heard English at Sanremo Festival we all wondered what language to speak with Clooney…

The Chronicle's weekly output rose this week are ready to unveil some spicy background of what we can call the farewell of the year. News 2000 offers, for example, the story of what is called a Lite furious of the couple at Villa Oleandra. Not only, According to the weekly the fallout would have been followed by her escape from the villa on Lake Como. The whole thing would take place in one day and certainly not conducive, Friday, 17. The newspaper also shows the exclusive photos of’last vacation of Canalis in Mexico alone, and in a different place from Clooney's villa in Los Cabos…

The Hurley periodaccio widens the field sentimental also that work. After the participation in the underappreciated first episode of culinary denigrande channel show 5, “Chef's night”, alongside Alfonso Signorini, the show girl will now be replaced by Belen Rodriguez, who will take his place in the episode airs tomorrow night. The Canalis was considered cool, snob, Woody and adapts poorly to the program. During transmission has also been humiliated by one of chef (Watch the video), that did not seem at all fool around, offending the showgirl.
Now, Dear friends and dear friends,, the other day I was doing a service right at the black cat in Cernobbio, George's favorite restaurant, on Lake Como, where last week had had dinner the two now ex. There I discovered that Clooney is an avid red wine. The Council, then, My GeisheGourmet, is to play at Villa Oleandra Bell with a nice bottle of Sassicaia or Amarone. And a plate of homemade pasta, apparently the thing he loves most eat when in Italy. It may not give you at least a smile…
For the Canalis, Instead, Dear GeishaLover, a nice Champagne, the choice is yours if commercial ones or connoisseurs. The beautiful girls willingly tears drown in bubbles. And on a yacht moored off the coast of Formentera, where could I bet that soon we will see our Eli.
As for George, I am a volunteer: quite a crash course of GeishaWine and laugh with GeishaGourmet. So, If you want to discover more Italian women and passionate. Also available in English. Think George! 😉

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