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by Friday, June 17, 2011

New ravioli di Stefano Cayabyab

Stefano Cayabyab is tired but happy. His two doves, moved last October from Rovato to Borgonato Cortefranca, It's going to swollen sails. Bet on events, It does both in spiazi on the ground floor of the beautiful old town San Vitale, both outside the home (species in the cellars of the area, Home of Farnciacorta), It was a bet apparently winning won. If traveling from October to April to an average of 300-500 covered per week, It is now for a while’ that goes on the 700, «referred 200 covered are restaurant, the rest events», Stefano explains. The secret? «Synergies with the territory, starting from the Franciacorta cellars. And honesty, in the pot and».

Of the rest, If what you are looking for is a place of great charm, Maybe nestled among the vineyards, Maybe ancient yet modern at the same time, with a charming cuisine that will seduce and surprise, but always remain with our feet on the ground, then your destination is the restaurant two Doves at Borgonato di Cortefranca, ombelico del mondo Franciacorta. The talented owner and chef Stefano Cerveni moved here its local di Rovato, finding space inside the magnificent medieval Borgo Antico San Vitale, restored from an ad hoc family of entrepreneurs to host their store at distillery.

Between skins, stills and alchimistici scents that I pervade the air, Cerveni has seen fit to mix the flavors of its food from (a) Michelin Star, rigorous and expert, intense and creative, that he himself defines as well: «Make cooking for me means “listen to” each ingredient and treat him with respect using technique and passion, with the aim of creating simple dishes, good, Sani. Raw materials must be by far the best seasons and the market can offer me: my job is to assemble, based on an idea suggested by a’ inspiration, from a’ intuition and the need to not want darksider. I firmly believe that a culinary creation, for innovative should be primarily, cannot be separated from being too readable and understandable to all». It is not easy to hear in these terms a haute cuisine chef, true? But Stephen Cerveni is so, and what he says, ago. So, When you find yourself with two doves menu in hand, choose with your eyes closed, because hardly something that disappoint: sublime fagottelli of fresh pasta with tuna and artichoke chips, to eat in one bite, as chocolates, because there's a stuffed artichoke liquid; tipiepidi spaghetti with intense shrimp and sea urchins; lusty lobster with asparagus and Morels smoked; delicate Purple Potatoes with gambero rosso and Franciacorta; impetuous Rovato beef burger "medium raw – half baked with cream of cheese and white truffle. And then will slide in to desserts, districandovi between cold chills (with dishes like creamy ice-cream, warm Strawberry Jam to Lemoncello), or even "hot": in front of a crumbled shortcrust with hot green apple jelly with Rosemary and cinnamon ice cream you'll raise white flag, even the most conscientious you give to seduction (and not).

How much is the ticket for this trip in the high altitudes of taste and senses? Your best bet is to go straight on two tasting proposals: "The classic two doves" 55 euros and includes four dishes, from appetizer to dessert; "Our creativity" offers seven (almost all of the ones mentioned above) to 80 euro. They can combine two paths for oenology (by 20 and 35 euro). Affordable figures for a piece of paradise, or not?



TWO DOVES Ristorante Al Borgo Antico

via Foresti 13 – 25046 Borgonato di Cortefranca – Brescia

Tel. +39 030 9828227 | Fax +39 030 9848772

(for satellite navigation systems enter Via Cavour)

Closing day: Monday



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