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by Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pappoe, the guro of nightlife (, a few days ago, I was intrigued by writing of a room in Barcelona that the grid using a strange instrument. I then tried to document and I found some more information on the website of Identità Golose. There story amused, hoping to fly to Spain soon to try the cuisine of Jordi Herrera, chef of the restaurant Manairò in Barcelona (

Mrs Roberta Corradin explains: «Take a detail that sounds unusual, and make it distinctive peculiarity of an event/character/job is easy and often inevitable, provided, however, to know the whole story. In this sense, Herrera is the one who with the blowtorch, just from this to become a blacksmith or a mechanic there cuisine passes, because those who do not know – and thinks he is speaking so ironic – remains extremely superficial level. Meanwhile Jordi does not use a blowtorch from the workshop, those still bigger than a diving cylinder, but those cylinders normally used to caramelize the sugar on the burnt cream or crème brûlée which dir you want. So he found another use for an everyday object in the kitchens of his country». Not only: Herrera has also invented an original grid very similar to nails mattress fakirs, «a rectangle made of cast iron with spikes a dozen centimetres long and two lateral handles.

Before the upside-down turns up the fire, then it turns, inserts of aromas including tips, supports the meat fillet and then away with the flame: before fire smells, then cook the meat on all sides taking advantage of the fact that in practice its entire surface is flame at your fingertips, as it is with traditional grills. To palate, the result is amazing, a Symphony of flavours and a light, elegant scent of grilled smoked. AND, mind you, cooking takes place in the kitchen, not at the table as with the lamp for cracks. The same with the nitrogen sorbet. In Short, Jordi the film does to impress provincialotti».

But this chef's fantasy seems not to Miss. The other technique invented by Herrera is the steaming for scampi, made using the probe which feeds steam iron of professional dry cleaners. «Well – says Roberta – he shoves the probe (that normally feeds the iron) under the carapace and gives steam, water heat is fired directly within of crustacean (live) that is so baked in nothing. Even in this case, the result is astonishing because the heat does not alter the structure of the pulp, Indeed the respect coccolandola».

One thing is certain: va tried.


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