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by Sunday, June 12, 2011


Luigi Cremona con GG, madrina del primo giorno di gara 😉 (photo Lorenza Vitali)

Of dishes offered yesterday by eight young chefs competing the semi-finals of Best emerging chef del Trentino, in the menus of the restaurants where they work there is not even the shadow. Or almost. And it's a real shame because of cool stuff yesterday at Palazzo Roccabruna in Trento was made in Trentino cuisine really full of desire for creativity and mountain reinterpreted with ingredients in recipes really amazingly beautiful.

Certain, young chefs rhymes with some sin of youth, Note, that is a touch of inexperience that is not only lawful, but also necessary to continue to have desire to grow. And definitely: Cooking for wine of Trentino and the contest Best emerging chefs is a great chance: compare between generation does not turn on only the desire to improve, but he also teaches to stay together, to make team. And the merit of this kermesse, for the first time comes in Trentino, is Luigi Cremona and Lorenza Vitali, famous food critic the first, great second Organizer, able to make special events where zampino, Perhaps thanks to the taste and maturateper years experience in the field of Haute Couture. But credit goes also to Palazzo Roccabruna and the Trento Chamber of Commerce who have been able to see all the good of this festival and have supported.

But come the race. To pass the round, yesterday, Mattia Piffer, Alfredo Chiocchetti's disciple at the Scrigno del Duomo di Trento, and Diego Rigotti, impressive curriculum, now back recently in the kitchen of Castel Toblino, but also involved in projects with the histrionic chef Peter Brunel.

They will today by 20 to compete for the title of best up-and-coming chef del Trentino, that will give access to the national finals to be held from 22 al 24 October in Rome. In the jury yesterday, the greatest names of local food and wine specialities: from caterers to sommelieri, who writes this for years (your GG, But even Nereo and Giuseppe Casagrande Pederzolli) and one of the best-known names of the guide de L'espresso, Marco Colognese. Today, Instead, President of the jury is Fausto Arrighi, Michelin Guide.

Paquet has persuaded with a “furbo” salmon confit with Alpine cheese mousse and spontaneous buds of the season, but he literally left open-mouthed with “The elder as I see it”. Here are the two dishes:


The salmon confit


The five obstructions of sweet Elderberry

Piffer competed in the first trance, together with three other cooks beautiful virtuous hopes, mentioned here I put the dishes I liked more:


The great Riesling soup mountain herb David Tait, ristorante Costa Salici, Cavalese (TN)

Another great dish: il finto Tosella Cheese Ravioli with herbs and roots of Alessandro Bellingeri mountain, ristorante El Molin Cavalese (TN)

The local pork liver marinated with herbs with fish and bear radicchio di Stefano Rosi, Isera wine House (TN)

Diego Rigotti, Instead, He proposed a Granite Mountain herb con carne salada e fagioli – a little’ too many flavors that melded together – and a great buttermilk ravioli with red fruits, eucalyptus, saorbetto goat serum, Strawberry, eucalyptus and milk sorbet. Here are the photos of his dishes:


Mock ravioli

With him three other chefs competing in the second trance competition. Their finest dishes were these…

The potato ravioli di Licia Marocchi of restaurant Osteria del Pettirosso in Rovereto (TN)

The liver of trout "polentato" by Aki of the restaurant Locanda Margon of ravine (TN)

The canederlo of Sara Sighel of Agritur La Stropaia of Baselga di Pinè

All about Cremona Portions.

Photos: GeishaGourmet from your BB and Iphone by Mackinnon Colognese.


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