Cooking for wine of Trentino and Best emerging Chef | The finals

by Sunday, June 12, 2011

AND’ Diego Rigotti, collaborator of the restaurant Castel Toblino, the best up-and-coming chef del Trentino. A challenge with the young fellow 22-year-old sous-chef Alfredo Chiocchetti's at the Scrigno del Duomo, Mattia Piffer, that surely was penalized by inexperience, certainly not from the potential.

And then we see the dishes in defiance, judged by a very strong jury chaired by Fausto Arrighi, a number of Michelin Guide.

Mattia Piffer: Spiced Blueberry Risotto with Juniper and Rosemary powder with Juniper-flavoured ice cream, venison stew and venison steak

Mattia Piffer: You deer Ragout on celeriac puree with flavored Morel bread and beet mousse

Mattia Piffer, his best dish: Aspic with berries, streuzel hazelnut flour and vanilla ice cream

Diego Rigotti: Salad of venison with wild currant, Truffle, diced Apple and balsamic reduction

Diego Rigotti: Risotto al Trentingrana with beef tartare and raspberry foam

Diego Rigotti: Cheese pie with the stew and strudel tube TrentoDoc

Given the success of the event, the appointment is definitely next year.

Compliments of all (institutions, spectators, jurors and chef) go to Luigi Cremona, Lorenza Vitali and all their staff.

Photos: GeishaGourmet with her BB.



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