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by Thursday, June 9, 2011

From 7 June landscape of the Trentino restaurant has a name across multiple. Is the refuge Meransen, who re-opens with a new management, that of Paolo Betti, name known in the local food and wine scene. Betti, In fact, in recent years has been in the kitchen at Castel Pergine imposing its cuisine made with quality products, of research, but also a lot of tradition. Despite fears of stepping independent entrepreneurial, especially at a difficult time for restaurants like this, "explains the chef – it was time to take a step further in my personal experience and the opportunity to manage the refuge was too greedy Meransen not convince me to make the leap». So, opened its new premises near Trento, comfortably reachable by car following the road (all tarred) by Povo climbs on Marzola until Shelter. From lunch to dinner, the kitchen is open non stop, and 7 days a week, until 30 September: «This means – Betti – explains that you can eat with hot dishes in the afternoon, to satisfy even those who, engaged in walks a few hours, didnt want to watch the clock to sit at the table in the canonical hours».

Parade table cooking dishes true thirty: "My intent is to propose really recipes of grandmother", often difficult to find in restaurants. To do this, use the peasants ' products, farmers and butchers of our territory, are more miles 0 can, and many things are done at home, like all pastes, sweets, bread and flour, which personally I mill by the day, but also the salami, I love to prepare personally». The wine list is all fruit of the personal search of Paolo Betti, that plan also has theme nights, ad hoc tastings and a menu of grilled fish and meats that will surely meet all favors barbecue enthusiasts. As for prices, for a full menu from appetizers to dessert Betti ensures that you do not spend more than 30 euro. From October to may, then, the restaurant will be open only on weekends, with the possibility to have lunch or dinner at any other day if in groups and on reservation. Other project, the cooking classes: «Will be daily and themed courses: We depart from spending done together, because the kitchen starts right from the choice of ingredients, and we will end up with hands in dough, as they say, then dine together with the prepared, speaking of food products and culture. It is the one cuisine culture on which we must work, in my opinion, and this is my intent when I hope to succeed», concludes the chef. Together with him, to manage the refuge Meransen (tel. 328/4811438) There is his wife Claudia, that also takes care of the reception of the four – delicious – alpine chic style rooms available for accommodation bed&breakfast.

Of course I've already tested for you and tell you that really deserves.

Here are the photos of the dishes tasted.

Canederlotto al Graukaese on cabbage salad from the garden

Celeriac soup with raviolini olive oil

The bietoline dumplings on cheese fondue



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