Silicone plugs are like the breasts redone

by Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I admit. I hate the caps of bottles of wine made of silicone. Will I still be the old, you don't understand anything, but you want to put the charms of good, Dear, Cork? Poetic and full of things to tell. Unpredictable, with that adrenaline rush you since lunges the corkscrew and already there you have feelings, as the first look at a person or the first date. I won't get into technicalities, Here I'm just talking about feelings and emotions of the belly.

So tonight, dinner with friends during the test of a restaurant that I will tell, We came to a conclusion: the silicone plugs are like the breasts “use silicone”. Perhaps also well made and beautiful, but in the end always fake, Freddi, no history. In Short, If you really are not needed, better without it (and I don't want my friend cosmetic surgeon, Bravissimo, Pierpaolo Rovatti).


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