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by Friday, June 3, 2011

Who would have thought that a waiter would bring 35 sausage-filled dishes at once… But yes. To see the waiter funambulist (circus or) I'm talking about, just go to the restaurant Il Latini of Florence, known, famous tourist place with a row outside at all hours. In this period of crisis of the catering sector is seeing a local species with dozens of people in the queue waiting to sit at the table… So it was on Saturday 21 may, When Fortunately I had had the idea to book at Il Latini, I was curious to experience given the mixed reviews.

How it went? I would say absolutely fine. Meat really tasty and well made, Tuscan raw ham is very good, discrete but still tasty croutons, Pappa al pomodoro not bad, wine in fiasco, tables divisi with strangers and so much confusion… A mix of folklore and well-made dishes enjoyable (Apart from chaos). You spend 45 euro and you are happy, or at least, I have been.


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