Cortona | Arezzo | Osteria del Teatro

by Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The most beautiful and good are those that have a soul and know how to express. AND’ the case of the’Osteria del Teatro di Cortona, corner of paradise where everything seems to be perfect: flavors, atmosfere, furniture, service and friendliness of the waiters, even the background music.

So my experience at this restaurant, landmark of Cortona restaurants, was once an emotion. A corner of the world and of Tuscany enclosed in simple dishes, tasty, refined at the same time, almost poetry.

And it was a wine discovery, choose among the many beautiful affordable wine list totally honest. Twelve euros for this the Palace, rosè of Tuscany born near Arezzo, fun, playful and full of flavour, to which I can only recommend the tasting.


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