Women, tv and shopping

by Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What do the shopping in Italian? As they bought, How to buy and how to plan to do so in the future? How to perceive the arrival of digital terrestrial? Search 'Women in TV and shopping, new lifestyles and purchase view' – made for QVC from Human Highway – answers to these questions, photographing tastes, needs and expectations of Italian women.

The study was conducted online in March 2011 on a sample of 1.012 useful cases belonging to the panel of OpLine Human Highway. The sample thus drawn represents approximately 8,4 millions of females throughout the country, internet users and aged 25 and the 64 years.

The revolution of digital terrestrial

Although the switch off is not yet completed, digital terrestrial has now reached almost all the Italian families and the channels that the new platform offers a constantly growing popularity. The 86% of the women interviewed the advent of digital as a true multiplication of channels to see and Finally able to offer interesting content. According to the 53% the real novelty of digital TV is the creation of thematic channels with programs that cater to women. Between these, the younger particularly appreciate La5 while older prefer Iris and Rai4. The real surprise of the new era of TV is Real Time, judged by 26% the most innovative broadcaster and able to stand out, beloved especially by women under age 45 years and residents in the North.

At the same time, the Research Institute has conducted a study on a sample of QVC customers amounted to 130 cases of interest, inviting them to participate in an online questionnaire.

Shopping, the desire to purchase experience

Objects of desire. Italian women love to shop and buy media once every two weeks. The word shopping is mapped to different concepts: shoes, clothes, bags, beauty, outlet or even to pleasurable sensations as fun, relax, leisure, joy, freedom. Shoes and clothes – from about Favorites 22% of the interviewees – but also Accessories, beauty products and books remain the classic shopping. In recent years, Women buy more and more electronic items and home accessories, and less jewelry, bijoux, CD and music, shopping icons once.

Shopping places. Women love to buy in different places (shown in three different media) that vary depending on the age and origin. If the Italians continue to shop at traditional places like the local market, attended by 18,6% of the interviewees, the the Mall is now in pole position, chosen by 57,6%. Among Italian habits, though, are increasingly off-brand chains (40,8%) and the outlet (32,7%). Remote shopping – web purchases pulled – is privileged from 23% of the sample and is perceived as the the business place, relaxing shopping, convenient location to your friends.

The trend setter. Italian women are the starting points for their purchases primarily on fashion and feminine print, It's paper or online (17,6 %). Other channels that are emerging as ' showcases ' blogs are devoted to these themes – appointed by 9,5% of the interviewees – and the TV shopping channels, fashionable and women who collect the 8.5% of the vote.

The shopping of the future. The watchwords for the future are online shopping, convenience and innovation. The 61% of the interviewees expect the boom in online shopping, made via the internet or from home, fast and economical delivery. The research ofinnovation is linked in particular to two aspects: the product technology and the Elimination of the test length. Curiously, the 4% the sample would delete the evidence in camerino and replace it with futuristic solutions such as holograms and security scanners. Italian women, in the future, would like to buy 24 hours on 24 and retrieve the advice of salespeople, until a decade ago benchmark of 8.6% of women, percentage dropped today to 7. Women, In fact, aspire increasingly to find a personal shopper who is able to give advice during the purchase and efficiently explain the features of products.

Shopping is served

From research conducted on a sample of QVC customers emerge interesting aspects which correspond with the expectations that the Italians have for shopping of the future. In particular, the QVC customers underline two very innovative aspects that distinguish the channel: the mix between comfort of the purchasing process and quality, the diversity and innovation of the offer. The detailed presentation of the products made by experts, presenter professionalism and staff, the style of the show are very appreciated by users, associating a new model QVC shopping tailored to their. The opportunity to try the product and return it to the sender within 30 days and the direct 17 hours per day are certainly an added value for channel customers.

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