Striped Aubergine. The discovery of my Sunday in the kitchen

by Monday, May 16, 2011

Friends of GG, You probably already know, I no. But now that I know will never leave not more. I'm talking about the striated Aubergine, I first met last Saturday in the vegetables of Esselunga Curno (Bergamo), where I love to buy fish, why I am so much fished in the Mediterranean (Saturday there were Sampietro of 2 dizzying kg!).

But back to my striped Aubergine, that is cooked soft, juicy as the most common Eggplant once, those always lament that now are all stoppose and without water. Not this striped Aubergine, that made me take a step back into the past. And that gives the best cut in fine slices and fried with a little oil in a frying pan. Superlative!

I find that this is the Aubergine listada de Gandia (striped Aubergine of Gandia), an ancient variety of eggplant from Spain. Cultivated mainly in the small town of Gandia, to 65 miles south of Valencia, risked being forgotten and no longer cultivated. Horror! Our was saved from extinction thanks to the action of the so-called “seed-savers” (peasant associations dealing with protection of biodiversity). God saves the seed-savers!

The fruits are oval and up to 12-15 cm in length. The flesh is firm, tender and of excellent quality.

What's special about this Eggplant? Surely the fact that existed for about a century and a half keeping unchanged its characteristics of taste super sweet. AND, I assure you, feels!


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  • Matteo See
    January 24, 2012

    Very good this Eggplant. Well as I discovered today by chance at the market of my city. Truckers ' strike cause the usual eggplants are not arriving on the fruit and vegetable stalls, in their place I found these. Great discovery!! W truckers ' strikes. 😉

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