Everyone knows to Cook?

by Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He said Auguste Gusteau, star chef the movie Ratatouille: «Anyone can cook». So he had managed to convince the gourmet Remy Mickey that he, Although topo, He could do it. And must have convinced even the television producers if it is true that in a few weeks, the culinary habit of Alfonso Signorini becomes a television format produced by Endemol Italy.

The title is still the confidentiality of production, but you know it will be a very inspiring mix to two other successful programs, “The test of the Cook” and “Dancing with the stars”. What then could be termed the "Cooking with the stars”, According to the Free, will see opposition VIPs and ordinary people in the kitchen. Some celebrities will then competitors, less famous but certainly more adept, While a fearsome jury judge expert culinary team acrobatics (or pairs of competitors).

To act as A tutor there will be known Italian chefs.

The reflections (but I intend to see the program) are:

1. everyone everyone can clearly talk about cooking with competence and conduct cooking shows

2. the local star chefs, now, instead of the stove (at this moment in crisis of customers) prefer the media stage

We hope that the program is educational and serves at least to improve consumer Italian culinary culture. But I don't know why, This makes me doubt strongly…

What about you, What do you think?


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  • Ahmed Abdelhalim
    May 11, 2011

    Your doubts are shared.

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