Potatoes from pussies and the funeral of taste

by Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am fortunate to be able to still find potatoes as well as you see in this picture. Potatoes sold still with the Earth above, turgid, sode, the Stagione. Dirty potatoes, they still have on the place from which they came, the Earth precisely. Nothing to do with the supermarket potatoes or many greengrocers luxury too. There potatoes are all almost the same size, all beautiful glossy, spotless as if they were just quit a beauty Institute, so perfect look “silicone”. Potatoes from pussy, In short, Bejeweled for the ladies who don't want to get your hands dirty to clean them before peeling them, and waive the rest. The tradition, to the territory, poetry.

And it is not a problem that concerns only the potatoes. All fruits and vegetables was, How to tell, approved. Zucchini once had the hairy skin, now no longer. There are noticed? And when the water grid mettevate, as well as eggplants. Those of today, beautiful and impossible to because they are fake, water doesn't make it even if you pray on your knees.

Tomatoes? Apart from those of my vegetable garden and those that buy from ribbed greengrocers siciliano near my house (or doc when farmer from Bergamo in Bergamo), their juice they forgot somewhere. And they too appear to me from the counter of the supermarket exhibition asking me to give up taste for good-looking.

The list is long (We want to talk about peaches, melons, watermelons, oranges etc?) and the problem is only one. Why the haste and comfort we have sacrificed the real products of the Earth?

I fear that this is a lost war, but I trust that they will continue to exist at least two realities: the potatoes (here a symbol of their entire vegetable category, but also of the fruit) from pussy and those from real women. If the latter were to become extinct, We could quietly celebrate the funeral of taste.


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