Some bubbles to speak

by Monday, May 2, 2011

I've never hidden my taste: I love the Champagne, some classical method (especially the Pas Dosè), good Lambrusco and little else, by bollicioso. I do not go crazy, for example, for the Prosecco. AND’ a fact, but this does not prevent me from understanding whether the glass is poured me a better or less.

At Easter I had opportunity to organize with my family a fun blind tasting of some Prosecco… Ezio, from good Veneto, is a fan of Prosecco and recently had done plenty of labels in Valdobbiadene. So, After thorough tasting, the result was this. The best Prosecco – among those tasting, they don't tell you “first name and surname” – It seemed those Micel, small business Corbeltaldo of Vidor. There the vigneron Michele bakes a few labels Rasera, made with passion and great attention to the quality. Among my tastings, What struck me most was the Grandfather G., slight but dry and well-balanced perlage. The perfect accompaniment to any dish, made with simplicity but also with a certain elegance. A Prosecco really, in my opinion, intriguing. And I say this not to appassioanta, I will say it again. Then, bravo Michael! What about you, Dear friends, race to taste it: Tell me what your!

Saturday evening, Instead, CornaliDivino in Dalmine (Bg) My GeishaGourmet friend Marzia, I tasted something really intriguing: This classic Portuguese method of which you see above photo. A true “Brutus”, fragrant but also vaguely salty, delightfully seductive perlage and unexpectedly gudurioso… In Short, goes down really well, leaving in his mouth all over her style, his originality and his personality… Absolutely incredible prices: a dozen euro!

And Kerry has a lot of other goodies to discover… Of the rest, is a GeshaGourmet: curious, appassionata, and very very charmant!




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