Eataly opens in Genoa and Farinetti salpa singing Ciao Bella

by Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From our correspondent Luke Amodeo (Photo Luca Amodeo, Marialuisa Cats)

GENOA – Frances asked me a few lines on the opening of Eataly store in Genoa (on the top floor of palazzina Millo at the Porto Antico) and on departure for New York sailing boat led by Giovanni Soldini and the Navigator “Merchant” Oscar Farinetti. Willingly respond to the invitation, because thanks to Gourmet Geisha I could attend the event up close. But I think it is pointless to copiaincollare numerous press releases in circulation: you have already read or read them on paper and virtual press. I'd rather give you some my personal embossments.

I Love Genoa, the city of my consort: first of all I am glad that the emporium of “Senior foods” occupy today and very beautiful spaces that, in past tense, viewed fail several attempts at restoration. I know well the proverbial distrust of Genoa and, If the good day you see in the morning (a consistent and continuous queue of people since the first opening hours), Farinetti may have hit another shot.

Here then Eataly plays an extra ACE: the spectacularly panoramic position, that alone deserves a visit or, better, a stop not rushed.

In Italy you eat well, for me is the regional cuisine of Northern Italy more varied and tasty: I am pleased to see here a special warning for local products, that are not only pesto, Focaccia and torta pasqualina – However ben declined in opening buffet…

What I appreciated most of the day, though, was the heterogeneity of the present at the ribbon-cutting ceremony: There were – and it goes without saying – almost all the participants in the regatta (find them here:, with Lella Costa and gloomy Baricco; There were the President of the region Claudio Burlando and the Mayor (the Mayor? The Mayor? The Mayor?) Marta Vincenzi and Evergreen was Gino Paoli, near a prelate “normal” and a priest out of each schema as don Andrea Gallo. And so, After the blessing of Easter Monday, the son of Oscar Farinetti partisan in tricolour scarf reminds us that 25 April 1945 Genoa “It liberated alone” and with don Gallo sings “Bella ciao”. Singular layman choir and religious communist billionaire does not unite all, but many; someone, Although – Luckily – still too young to have lived through the war, pour some lacrimone. Yes, I am among these.

In the afternoon, the scene shifts to some tens of meters, in calata Mandraccio. Near the boat mooring “7 moves to Italy” – that of baptism of calls “Elmo's Fire”, bear in mind – the stage has been set up for the press conference: It's actually an opportunity to extend the party prior to boarding. Farinetti declares: “Without the blessing of don Gallo I don't give birth!”. The Don is on the right after the book hilarious attempts: “This is for ports airports and stations… no good. This for trains… no good”.

You ricanta “Bella ciao”, then “Blows the wind” with guitars and accordion. Oscar (almost all han got acquainted) the crew is expected to reach New York in four stages the 2 June, Republic day, but the winds in this season are not in favour of.

One question is granted and it seems an assist for the entrepreneur: “But the quality/price ratio of the products you sell?”. “Ask yourself what is the quality/price ratio of a day of parking at the airport, that costs you at least 25 euro, then tell me if is it not better to eat less, but better, spending the right”. End of debate.

Boat jumps Soldini, others arrive, but Oscar remains a long time onstage to uncork and offer virtually every Barolo. Some friend (?) comments: “In America there comes”. Finally also the boss rooms, always with the tricolour scarf at the neck, followed by Daniel j.. Winteler (President of the Alpitour group) and by Baricco.

The boat sailed to 16 about, with a monstrous announced time delay.


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